5 thoughts on “Yiddish ABCs

  1. they taught me a very different version in yiddish school as a kid . . . also is this a children’s show?? they are definately drunk. . . very strange . . .

  2. Hey, Mobius,
    You should rename this “Homophobic Chabad ABCs,” since this guy was on TV doing it around the whole period of rioting against the pride parade (as my friend Eyal wrote when he sent it to me before), and he sticks in this lovely lyric:
    Hey, a homo, vilde khaye
    Vos zayn eytse iz a shos!
    Zayin, khes, tsuzamen beyde,
    Zolstu khapn boks in noz.
    [Hey, a homo, wild animal,
    whose advice is a gunshot,
    Zayin, Khes, both together
    You should get a punch in the nose]
    and another line that I couldn’t hear about being trans.
    However, I have a feeling the original version is actually cool, so I’m wondering if Diaspora Mutt can enlighten us – if you remember it,

  3. This video made my day.
    Scratch that.
    This video made my week.
    p.s. I certainly agree with the first comment, why are they drunk?

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