Yids. In. Spaaaace.

In order accomodate Jewish astronauts, NASA is tackling those tough jewish space related questions, like when exactly is the right time to daven mincha on a space station, when to keep the sabbath on the space station and of course, which direction to face while praying. Rabbi Leonard Nemoy has suggested kashering the food replicator.
[Ed.’s Note] See Jews in space.

7 thoughts on “Yids. In. Spaaaace.

  1. If you enjoy being disturbed, start reading the comments on the Ynet article linked to on the “Yids in Space” article page, about how Conservative Jewish groups are being charged to pray at the alterna-kotel provided them by the Israeli gov’t because the Orthodox authorities wouldn’t let them daven at the Western wall.

  2. all of this halakha was decided and discussed years ago on AOL in the judaism mailboxes about a month after aol went live. somewhere, somehow, i may even have some of the original posts on a 3.5 floppy.
    a: mikveh–reb moishe paskened you can toss a live water ice cube in the pool
    b. replicator cheese burgers? kosher or maras eyin?
    c. traveling on shabbos…same rules as a cruise ship
    etc. etc.etc. you may want to check the memoryhole

  3. AH those old aol anything and everything meesage boards …
    Somewhere in my brain’s subconciousness is a flood those posts filed away with html flaming in geocities chatrooms.
    the intenet used to be fun.

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