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Yitzhak Kaduri, æ’’ì

Ynet reports,

Leading Kabbalist rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri died from pneumonia aged more than 104 years old, a Jerusalem hospital where the ill rabbi had been hospitalized said Saturday.
Kaduri’s personal physical said the rabbi’s family members were at his bedside when he died. Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar, former
Shas leader Arieh Deri, and current Shas leader Eli Yishai also arrived at the hospital and prayed by Kaduri’s bed along with other rabbis and Kabbalists.
“All Israelis are one family today, mourning the man who throughout his life prayed for the people of Israel,” Yishai said.

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4 thoughts on “Yitzhak Kaduri, æ’’ì

  1. Forgive me for leaving the same comment here as on Jewlicious, but is anyone discussing the fact that Rav Kaduri (I’m pretty sure it was him) was instrumental in the signing of a religious peace agreement with the Sheikh of Al-Aqsa? Rabbi Marc Gopin writes about it at length, and Eliyahu MacLean of the Sulha was intimately involved. Basically, they were very close to getting major press coverage when then-President Clinton agreed to be there for the signing ceremony. CNN and of course everyone else were going to go live with the event. Then, at the very last second, I believe there was a bombing, and the delicate balance Clinton was trying to broker between Barak and Arafat was once again shaken, setting everything back. So Clinton couldn’t make it to the signing, and what could have been the most important event, an actual peace agreement between two venerable religious leaders, was thwarted to the point where pretty much nobody knows of its existence. The point is, though, that Rav Kaduri and the Sheikh came together. That, I believe, is one of the events we should remember Rav Kaduri by.

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