Yo Semite!

In a rare act of backhanded self-promotion (cough) I would like to give a shout out to Yoav Fisher, editor of NewZionist.com, who as of today is gracing Jewish Fashion Conspiracy with his semitic good looks. May all us bloggers and journalists step in front of the lens more often.
When in San Francisco, do give me a shout out, all of you fine folk. I’ll come running at you with combed cotton and a camera.
So, to atone for my rampant hucksterism, here’s a coupon for Jewschool readers. Take 10% off everything on my website site ’til 12/8/05. Use code YOAVISSEXY at: www.jewishfashionconspiracy.com.
Happy Chanukah.

8 thoughts on “Yo Semite!

  1. just ordered the Gelt Digger for my college daughter. My son has the Jews for Jeter and it is his fave shirt. My daughter is drop dead gorgeous…she should model for you, and I am not just saying that cause I am the mom! Yoav…thanks for the coupon !

  2. awww! glad to hear it!
    get her on out here, i could use some new girl shots! 🙂
    and jewlicious, i’ll make you guys your own coupon. check it out: 10% off for your readers with coupon code BEEYOTCHES through 12/8. lol.

  3. Sarah…
    That girl on your site…the one with Happy Maddonakah. She does Jewish girls, t’s and your site very well. Sexy.

  4. ” her name is iris and she’s a hot hassidic belly dancer. :)”
    Perhaps a belly dancer, but Hassidic? I think not.

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