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Yori Yanover Takes On Vicki Polin

Now this could get interesting… is looking for survivors of Vicki Polin who would want to be interviewed by a journalist and have their story published. If you are interested, please contact Yori Yanover for more information.
2. asks that whenever an article comes out regarding Vicki Polin you alert us, including a link on the page it was found.
3. asks that you write letters to editors requesting accountability in the portrayal Vicki Polin and the Awareness Center. Please forward your letters to and send a note giving us permission to publish your letter on our blog.
Vicki Polin is the most favorite Jewish author of both White Power and Muslim bloggers.

34 thoughts on “Yori Yanover Takes On Vicki Polin

  1. Yeah, we’re all losing our sleep over Yori.
    It’s too bad his efforts with Team Gafni and Team Tendler to smear Vicki, Blau, Luke and me seem to have blown up in his face.
    Let’s summarize the high points on Yori’s last few year:
    1) Yori gets caught posing anonymous smears in the comment on Protocols.
    2) Yori’s Snuff-Porn writing Rebbe Worch leaves the country in the middle of a custody battle.
    3) Yori’s JCN colleague Rabbi David Lipman accused of child molestation. Lipman flees. Yori calls allegations “dubious”. Lipman arrested and then child-porn is found on his computer. Yori compares possession of child-porn to free speech. Lipman confesses, makes a deal and gets 13 years.
    4) Yori defends Tendler boys. Tendler boys lose their jobs.
    5) Yori promotes Gafni/Worch program. Yori declares Gafni’s innocence. 1 week later, Gafni flees Israel after serious allegations filed with the police.
    6) Yori says we must see the good in sexual predators like Gafni.
    See a pattern.
    But then considering Yori runs the website of snuff-porn writer Rabbi Jeremy Hershy Worch AKA Moonish Lunar, I can see how Yori is pro-exploitation of people counselled by clergy
    I’d be more concerned if Yori was supportting Vicki. We all know what happens to the degenerates he’s supported publicly.
    Sample of Worch/Lunar’s work:
    Samples of Yori’s work:
    I’m hardly surprised Yori is labelling Vicki a witch and talking about our obligations to kill witches. Yori seems to have a problem with women who are decent and out spoken. A quote from one of his many disgusting articles “a result, everything that I feel in my Kishkes about the Jewish State, everything spontaneous I express on the subject is a product of the Third Israeli Empire, 1967-1973, under the rule of the Witch from Milwaukee (as Professor Leibowitch liked to call late Prime Minister Golda Meir). ”
    So I guess he’s lumping Vicki in with Golda Meir.
    Here’s another classic Yori article:
    JCN’s Newsstand
    The true culprit in the Rabin assassination is Religious Zionism
    as a political concept and as an approach to Judaism
    by Yori Yanover
    “I beg to differ with these claims. It wasn’t just a Religious-Zionist zealot who killed Rabin. It was Religious-Zionism that pulled the trigger.”
    Here’s my challenge to Yori, write a support letter for your Rebbe Worch identical to the one Jewish Renewal leaders wrote for Gafni. Please let us know how you investigated and cleared Worch of all allegations. That way in the future there will be no doubt how stupid and arrogant you are.

  2. I’m totally befuddled by this campaign against Vicki Polin. I’ve been a subscriber to the Awareness Ctr. Yahoo group but have not been for several yrs. I know of her work but know nothing about what seem to be outlandish charges against her if you follow yr link & read the accusations.
    This woman campaigns against sexual abuse and domestic violence in our community. It appears there are Orthodox Jews who feel she singles out that community for her special ire. I don’t know whether or not that’s true. But I do know that someone who denies that there is a serious problem in that community (& among all our other denominations for that matter) is ducking their head in the sand.
    I was an abused child fr. a “nice Jewish home.” My post which meditates on my personal experience & the Jewish tradition’s approach to child abuse is linked to this comment.
    I’ll tell you that I welcome people like Polin & the Awareness Ctr. I wish that you & USA Jewish would look before you leap and publish stuff that may be little more than Matt Drudge-like lashon hara.

  3. Sorry, but NONE of the serious cases of sex abuse, involving children and individuals where it’s obvious they needed protection, such as employees, had anything to do with Polin, other than she happily trumpeted them after another source published it. NOT ONE.
    Instead, what she does is maintain two pornographic websites with ugly pictures of half-naked guys, which she appropriates from other publications. She drums up an atmosphere of hysteria around the appearances of an aging folk singer who confessed to under-age sex years ago; or soils the memory of the greatest singing rabbi in recent time, forever pounding the message of his sexual weaknesses, more than ten years after his passing.
    She has nothing to do with support, only with shame and the thrill of humiliation. Look at her methods, look at the people she attracts, you don’t need more than that to see that her “Oprah stint” was only the first and most gruesome of an ongoing path and methodology.

  4. Listen up, richard. In defending Vicki and her work you are missing the subplot. The fact is there are no jewish women sexual predators named and served up for our delectation on her awareness center site or in her survivors blog even though sexual predation and sexual addiciton is an equal opportunity disease, just like all addictions. She only serves up men. It’s clear to anyone with a nose she’s hoping no one will notice she’s a sexual predator, every inch of herself.
    This is a woman who said her (rabbinic) family is steeped in incest, satanic sexual perversions and cult/religion sexual abominations, she didn’t just say it in the privacy of her therapist’s office, she said it on national TV, in a thousand letters to politcians and law enforcement and citizens of this country, she said it over and over and over in her activist Believe The Children and other forums. She never retracts anything she ever says even after 25 years have passed and she could legitimately say, I made a mistake. She doesn’t know what it means to say I made a mistake. Her M.O. is to move on and make an even bigger claim against the next poor bastard and so not have to deal with the original trauma she created. She’s like a perpertrator in her profile. But she gets away with it because she “knows how to work the system”. She thinks she will never be caught. She is sure of it. There’s always an even bigger scandal to pin on an even more unsuspecting innocent to take the focus off her and put it onto some poor man. Always remember, she knows how the system works, she’s brilliant at covering her bloody tracks making them look all shiny and bright. Her family in chicago have mostly had to change the way they spell their names so they don’t get connected with her, or else pretend she’s from another branch of the family or squirm some other way. But do you notice there is a lack of Polin on the awareness center lists of sexual perps; this after she went on Oprah claiming they are part of an international rabbinical messianic conspiracy of satanic sexual baby torturers? Polin has the all the charm and irresistible gory fascination of an village plaza auto-da-fe. She is a truly evil person. A sexual predator of the most sadistic and devious type. She flourishes under your very nose. It’s not easy to internalize the fact that women make up as many, albeit wildly unreported, sexual offenders as men in an avergae population. No one suspects Vicki Polin of being an offender except for those who know it

  5. Why are you giving the time of day to the sleazeball Yanover? His only purpose for his campaign against Vicki is due to the exposure of his friends so called bdsm-kabalah cult, (Which, by the way, his friend now even advertises as such),and his long history of abusing women over many continents.

  6. Yuri Yanover has been on a personal campaign against Vicki Polin for some time and does not deserve the additional publicity of Jewschool.

  7. 1. The Name is spelled Y-O-R-I
    2. Yosef Blau seems to suggest that waging a campaign, in and of itself, is a wrong thing which should be discouraged. Indeed, Rabbi Blau has considered ANY public objection to Polin’s vicious attacks on unsuspecting individuals a kind of harassment, which he has bitterly complained about on a number of occasions. It is a strange mindset, but there you have it.
    3. Blau himself has been on a hate campaign against several individuals, both inside and outside YU. But while my “personal campaign” has been to stop a predator, Blau’s campaign has destroyed many innocents. The fact that members of his own family who have been accused of sex crimes in the past are not on Polin’s list speaks for itself.

  8. Mr. Yori Yanover hateful comments and rantings only makes it clear that he does not need a second blog.

  9. Note, please, that rather than responding in a coherent manner on any aspect of this issue, Rabbi Blau makes the focus of discussion whether or not I should be allowed to respond to stories published online about me. This, ewhile enabling vile and ANONYMOUS creatures like JewishWhistleBlower to roam the Jewish blogosphere 24/7, uploading mountains of text, inter-publishing relentlessly with VP’s two websites.
    This kettle has called the frying pan black once too often.

  10. Kavod harav, I think Rabbi Blau here is missing a good deal of the context (as, for that mater, in other directions, is Yori.)
    Vicki Polin and/or other Awareness Center personalies have gone off on a very personal crusade against Yori, and have in fact used Awareness Center resources to do so. Their animus? Yori, as Luke Ford has reported, broke the news of Vicki’s appearance of Oprah as a poster child for recovered memory and Jewish ritual abuse.
    That neither the New York Jewish Week nor the Baltimore Jewish Times broke the story when they had the chance I suppose say something of the nature of communal Jewish journalism — but may also indicate that Vicki’s constant whining that neither paper covers abuse scandals with sufficient depth may prove to be a two-edged sword.
    The impetus for Yori’s “Call to Action” is quite simple: If, as the Awareness Center insists, no mention of Peter Yarrow or Shlomo Carlebach should fail to mention their sexual sins, and if a broad net should be cast to find new “victims”, it’s only fair that any mentions of Vicki Polin and the Awareness Center feature complementary disclaimers.
    Should there be an Awareness Center ? Is Rabbi Dratch’s JSafe organization sufficient? I raised this question in all seriousness in another thread here on Jschool, and will continue to invite a discussion on the issue. My feeling is that there probably should be such an organization (here I disagree with Yori), but I’d like to think that one’s mug shot should not end up with various child molesters simply for the crime of being a friend of someone on an organization’s enemies list.
    (You can find my official Awareness Center mug shot at this URL ; and a belated thanks to Vicki for cropping out my daughter from the picture …. after I brought it to her attention that it was rather sick to have a picture of a two-year-old girl on a web page filled with transcripts of pedophiles chatting on-line. )
    My question for Rabbi Blau is this: Has the Awareness Center actually done any good in the past two years? In the cases of M Tendler, A Tendler, Y Kolko and M Gafni, did the actions of the Awareness Center per se — that is, Vicki Polin, her mailing lists, and her 501 c 3 status — do more good than harm? If so, how?

  11. I’m not familiar with this debate, and I must admit, the tone on all of these comments is not making me more interesteed in any of the parties involved.
    I’m curious about the assertion that “Vicki Polin is the most favorite Jewish author of both White Power and Muslim bloggers.” Is there a poll? Does the author of that line (I presume it’s Mr. Yanover) equate White Power with Muslims?

  12. I would note that Yanover’s Rebbe Worch has been spending his time putting Vicki picture on his website and Yudel (Yanover’s close friend) has been promoting and linking a website that called for photoshop produced submissions of Vicki and at one point that site had a photoshop produced image of Vicki in a shower.
    Yanover has been defending Rabbis Worch, Gafni, Lipman (google all please) and Tendler on his website while attacking their alleged victims/survivors.
    Lovely people. But it raises the Awareness Center’s google ranking and let’s be honest, I’d be more worried if Yori were supporting the Awareness Center.
    We all now how those he supports fare.
    Lipman – 13 years in prison
    Tendler – out of a job
    Gafni – fled Israel
    Yori and Yudel, my challenge to you, put your names to an identical letter as the leaders of Jewish Renewal did for Gafni, for Rabbi Worch. Clear his name , claim you investigated and exonerated him. Let’s see if your arrogance and stupidity matches that of the Jewish Renewal leadership. I suspect it outmatches them.
    Atown Crier are you putting your reputation behind Yori’s? Will you sign for Worch too?

  13. Mister Goat –
    You’ve entered a battlefield that I was forced to join in October of 2004, after Vicki Polin effectively destroyed the life of a close and dear friend of mine. Do search my name on Google, and also visit It should give you a good background on this nasty thing, during which the personality mentioned above, jewishwhistleblower , in his zeal, urged people to give my name ti the IRS, published the names of my wife and child with the vilest threatening overtones, and attempted to torpedo a community event my business was sponsoring. Hiding behind his anonymity — although I know exactly who he is and what Toronto publication he writes for — JWB, in concert with Polin, have caused me much grief. The reason? I exposed Vicki Polin as the “Rachel” who, on the Oprah show, accused her parents and the Orthodox community of Chicago of belonging to a Satanist cult. Just google Vicki Polin and Satanism, you’ll get the facts.
    And when you google long enough the names and headlines from her multiple websites, you’ll start seeing them linked to on a myriad anti-Semitic websites, from Poland to Colorado and from Cairo to Abu Dhabi.
    I know you won’t enjoy it, but the trip will certainly be an education.
    Shabbat Shalom.

  14. Atown Crier are you putting your reputation behind Yori’s? Will you sign for Worch too?
    I do not understand how you can draw such conclusions from merely relaying a blogpost.
    I am offended.

  15. Sorry, JWB. I’m not standing up for Gafni now, and I didn’t stand up for him then. In fact, it was a phone call from Gafni a year or two back that lead me to take down a blog devoted to you and Vicki: I very much did not want to be on Gafni’s team.
    My other motivation, of course, was the implicit threat of JWB and Vicki Polin that anyone who attacks them will be attacked as a child molester. Now that my blogging activites on Canonist — in particular, my catching JWB in lies, exagerations and false conclusions masquerading as facts — earned a picture of me and my daughter on Vicki’s blog, I’m not going to shy away from this battle any more.
    And my question for JWB remains: Your own words and actions were used by Gafni in his defense to discredit his accusers. I appreciate your efforts to turn blue until every rabbi who supported Gafni resigns. And perhaps you insired UOJ to blog. But what have *you* done lately? It might be time for you to accept the medals and move on with your life.

  16. >I do not understand how you can draw such conclusions from
    >merely relaying a blogpost.
    >I am offended.
    Other than Yori’s best friend Yudel, you seem to be the only one taking his campaign, blog and Rebbe Worch’s website efforts to humiliate and destroy Vicki and anyone around her seriously. This began in 2004.

  17. Yori:
    >although I know exactly who he is and what Toronto
    >publication he writes for
    Nonsense. Completely and totally false. There is absolutely no truth to Yori’s claims.
    He claims WE go after HIS family? Dude he’s the one going after anyone related to Vicki, Blau and Dratch. He’s gone after Vicki’s family, Blau’s family and Dratch’s father-in-law.
    IRS? You’ve claimed various time falsely about fraud charges and criminal investigations against Vicki. The problem, no fraud charges and no criminal investigations. Just outright lies.
    >Sorry, JWB. I’m not standing up for Gafni now,
    >and I didn’t stand up for him then. In fact, it
    >was a phone call from Gafni a year or two back
    >that lead me to take down a blog devoted to you
    >and Vicki: I very much did not want to be on
    >Gafni’s team.
    And yet:
    1) You as a reporter did ZERO to expose or warn others about Gafni.
    2) Your best friend Yori promoted Gafni and a program he ran with Rabbi Worch just week ago. He also declared Gafni’s innocence. You again, did nothing.
    You continue to parrot and link Yori’s reprehensible site and attacks as such I hold you equally responsible. You were linking websites with photoshop and humiliate Vicki contests. You made this personal.
    >And my question for JWB remains: Your own
    >words and actions were used by Gafni in his
    >defense to discredit his accusers.
    In fact, Rabbis Blau and Riskin among others were also ignored. You are not aware but behind the scenes my research and contact information I provided was passed on to reporters who ultimately did stories and as the Jewish Journal indicated that led to a drop in the attendence at his programs.
    YOU gave Gafni, your silence and your assistance in supporting those who publically attacked his victims and critics. It is your friend who parroted Berman and Telushkins lies and likewise will never take an ounce of responsibility.
    >I appreciate your efforts to turn blue until every
    >rabbi who supported Gafni resigns. And perhaps
    >you insired UOJ to blog. But what have *you* done
    You will never know what I do behind the scenes.
    >It might be time for you to accept the medals
    >and move on with your life.
    I don’t want medals, I don’t want fame, I want justice. I’m not going anywhere. Deal with it.
    I have a great life. Thank you.

  18. Typical JWB technique – pile on the tiresome quotes and unchecked allegations and effectively stop the discussion, as everyone present rolls up their eyes and moves on. Then he has the thread all to himself, where he continues to amass the horse dung. There are so many lies, half-truths and facts out of context in everything, but everything he posts, most normal people walk away. Who needs it?
    But he can’t remove the facts of his call on people to turn me in to the IRS.
    He can deny all he wants, but the fact remains he attempted to torpedo a local event on the Lower East Side, simply to destroy me.
    Vicki to this day has a comical picture she lifted off my website, shot by my daughter as illustration for my magazine — it shows me holding a knife, and she continues to claim it’as a threat against her. Why? Because neither she nor JWB would recognize the truth if it hit them on the head.
    Here’s a challenge to you, JWboy — show me the list of rabbis Vicki Polin removed from her website after considering the facts and discovering the posting was inerror.
    I’d accept three.
    Sadly, like JWB, Polin makes no mistakes and regrets nothing. Including her accusation of the Jews of Chicago. To this day.

  19. Other than Yori’s best friend Yudel, you seem to be the only one taking his campaign, blog and Rebbe Worch’s website efforts to humiliate and destroy Vicki and anyone around her seriously. This began in 2004.
    Again, I merely saw an interesting headline that I then relayed, implying that it could be interesting. Indeed it has been.
    Shabbat Shalom.

  20. Thanks for reminding me of the group web sites, which are indeed a bunch of web sites (some of questionable tasted) put up by one of Vicki Polin’s victims.
    As I documented on my blog back in February, the Awareness had reprinted in toto a “report” by a convicted child molester claiming to have been molested at certain camp by a certain individual. As I was able to discover by a couple minutes of research, the story was wholly fictitious; but the name chosen for the alleged perpretator was someone actually associated with that same camp at the time of the posting.
    A guy named Dan with a rare last name Googled himself, and discovered that this false story made up by a child molester (presumably to groom other victimes) came up under his name. he reached out to Vicki to take his name off ( and she refused to immediately take off his name. He was understandably miffed, and resorted to crude attacks to get her attention.
    I’m pleased to see that Vicki has finally removed the details from the posting on her site, so it is no longer associated with a real Jewish camp or the fictitious school for boys featured in the movie Sleepers. However, both honesty and fairness might require Vicki to change the status of the story of Jewish summer camp rape from “has NOT been authenticated” to “has been proven clearly fictious.”
    So: That’s one clear victim of Vicki Polin, and I am glad to have lent a hand in clearing his name.

  21. >Again, I merely saw an interesting headline that
    >I then relayed, implying that it could be interesting.
    >Indeed it has been.
    >Shabbat Shalom.
    And again, I hold you and the Jewschool team ethically and morally responsible for promoting the campaign led, conceived and organized by Yori Yanover and approved by his Rebbe Hershy Worch to deaden the names of Vicki, Blau, Dratch and others AND their families.

  22. And further, since Atowncrier/Team Jewschool and Yudel have chosen to promote Yanover/Worch’s campaign, I hold them ALL responsible for ALL that Worch does in the next years. You promote their campaigns, YOU are responsible for the consequences.
    Worch again is Moonish Lunar who posts stories about graphically sexually assaulting and murdering people on the internet. I would caution readers, these are horrible pornograpic stories.
    As to all of Yori’s riduculous claims, read his nonsense and rants at Canonist to get a sense of the true Yori.

  23. Further, since Atowncrier/Team Jewschool and Yudel have chosen to promote Yanover/Worch’s campaign, I hold them ALL responsible for ALL that Worch does in the next years. You promote their campaigns, YOU are responsible for the consequences.
    Worch again is Moonish Lunar who posts stories about graphically s@xually assaulting and m@rdering people on the internet. I would caution readers, these are horrible p@rnograpic stories.
    As to all of Yori’s riduculous claims, read his nonsense and rants at Canonist to get a sense of the true Yori.

  24. I never knew that my comment could stir up such fierce debate & I apologize to the commenter who wished I hadn’t drawn attention to these hysterical folk. These guys, like much of the Jewish community on this subject, are in total denial.
    But there is one comment here that I found laughable & had to mention:

    there are no jewish women sexual predators named and served up for our delectation on her awareness center site or in her survivors blog even though sexual predation and sexual addiciton is an equal opportunity disease,

    Egodel chastises Polin because she does’t pursue female sexual predators??? Really! Do you know anything about this subject? Have you read the literature? Could you provide me examples of female sexual predators? And if you can find one, can you tell me how many sexual predators overall are male compared to female? THis is one of lamest-assed arguments I’ve read in quite some time.

  25. Richard –
    I did not author the comment regarding female predators, but your reaction sent me searching, and these are some of the titles I recommend. The general notion in the articles I’ve scanned is that the issue of females who sexually abuse children is far less known than male abusers. Also, females may abuse children in entirely different ways.
    Seth Goldstein, a foremost expert on child predatory behavior and one of the finding members on the Board of Directors of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, says that child predators are extremely clever and routinely use a variety of methods to dupe unsuspecting parents.
    “The offender could be any of the various stereotypes and then some,” he notes in The Sexual Exploitation of Children. “He may be a very pleasant individual who coaxes or tricks children into sexual activity. He may be a power rapist who forces his child victims into sex. He may be a sadist who gets his thrills from hurting children. He may be a masochist who countrary to the sadist, gets his thrills from having the child inflict pain upon himself. Lastly, `he’ may be a woman. Over the last 10 years, as this crime has been investigated and researched, we are learning more about female offenders.”

    How to Protect Your Children from Sexual Predators and Other Dangers. Ebony. Volume: 57. Issue: 10. August 2002
    Read also:
    Critical Issues in Managing Female Offenders. Susan Cranford & Rose Williams. Corrections Today. Volume: 60. Issue: 7. December 1998.
    Theory of Sexual Selection Needs Updating. USA Today. Volume: 132. Issue: 2709. June 2004
    The Dark Side of Youth Sports: COACHES SEXUALLY ABUSING CHILDREN. Leonard D. Zaichkowsky USA Today. Volume: 128. Issue: 2656. January 2000

  26. Rabbis like Blau and Dratch make excuses for Polin because, after all, she suffered so much it’s made her hysterical, but Vicki Polin is not a survivor. Her family never hurt her or incested or victimized her. She enjoyed the most non-controversial of middle-class jewish, Skokie Illinois childhoods. Her family are poster-children for the average in “average american.” What’s her excuse for hysteria, rabies? Yet she claimed, twenty years ago, and still maintains that her father incested her and made her pregnant five times and forced her to kill and eat her fetuses in Frankist Satanic rituals together with others in the Chicago Jewish Community.
    Seriously, how come Rabbis J Blau and S Porter, M Dratch and H Bilet and others can’t get enough of sucking up to her like as though she were Snow White? The answer is that she picked a great cover for her activities. Who could be against an organization that fights to uncover child-abuse and domestic violence hidden by Jewish families? No one with claim to decency, right? Who would dare speak out AGAINST such an organiation like her Awareness Center?
    Her genius is to couch her activities in clever sloganspeak. Like communists who claim to be fighting against the exploitation of the working class, or nazi skinheads who claim to be fighting against the international conspiracy to oppress white people, Vicki Polin knows exactly what to say to shut you up when you disagree with her. Try it and see for yourself.
    She gets people to come onto the internet and write in support of her work. But you won’t find people willing to write in support of her, herself. Because Vicki Polin is a predator and the Jews of Baltimore where she currently lives and battens onto people know her for real. You wouldn’t find them writing in support of her. She relies on people like you, anonymous, duped by her slogans into defending her integrity. The people who actually know her in real-life who come online to write about her only have the most damning things to say.
    The exception to the rule that people who know her all hate, revile and can remember nothing good to say about her is Rabbi Shlomo Porter. He’s someone who actually knows her but still protects her, he gives her money and ignores any complaints he hears about her predatory behaviors. There is speculation that he knew her back in her Chicago days, perhaps he’s an old boyfriend of hers or she knows something about him he’d rather she not publicize, but for sure he’s the exception which proves the rule. Ask anyone who interact with her, who invites her into his or her house for shabbat or lets her sleep over when she needs a place to crash, they’ll all say more or less the same thing, she’s a user. She uses the frum Jewish hospitality system. She knows how to use the system. You’ll hear the same refrain whichever person you ask, in whichever community.
    Even in Baltimore where she preys on the frum community who generally refrain from talking lashon hara about shabbat guests, there’s a quiet and growing awareness that she is a manipulator of unusual skill and initiative.
    And when she diagnoses someone at the shabbat meal table as “oh, you were probably incested by your father” any response in disagreement with her will earn you a label as a denial-monger and potential guest on her shit-list for later. Trust me on this, don’t try it.

  27. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” (from the end of Yanover’s blog entry). WTF?
    I would have made the heading of this entry to “Yori Yanover issues implied death threat against Vicki Polin”?

  28. Further, since Atowncrier/Team Jewschool and Yudel have chosen to promote Yanover/Worch’s campaign, I hold them ALL responsible for ALL that Worch does in the next years. You promote their campaigns, YOU are responsible for the consequences.
    Lighten up. Are you holding Jrants (where i first saw the headline) responsible too? What about Kinja? Technorati?
    Did I indicate anywhere a promotion? Did I indicate one way or the other whether I supported or denounced the post?

  29. To my Jewish brethren, the witch joke works as follows (I live to explain jokes, by the way)
    Vicki has on her email list the verse “Lo ta’amod al dam re’echa. We are forbidden to stand by and do nothing.”
    I figured it was only fitting to cite the two relevant psukim in her case, one “Thou shalt remove evil from among you. (Deut. 22:21)” which is obvious, the other, referring to her Oprah appearance, where she confessed to Satanism and eating her babies, begs the posuk “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. (Ex. 22:17)”
    Where would we be without our scriptures?
    Now, I make it my habit to avoid exchanges with JWB as much as I can, because he never actually dialogues with anyone — only diatribes. But his accusation that I never attacked Luke Ford is so outrageous, I had to break my minhag.
    I not only criticized and attacked Luke, I did it many many times on my website. The difference between Luke and Vicki is that when I caught Ford in a blatant error, he admitted to it, and that was it. Vicki is incapable of admitting error. JWB is a total psycho, but I can understand it, considering his personal tragedy.

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