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You asked for it: The New Voices Lists issue!

New Voices, Winter 2007Jewschool takes the top blog slot (tied with and deserves the first guffahs for helping with the list of lists and all items therein:

  • The Jewish Student Press Service Announces the Top 5, 7, 10, and 20 of Everything – Seriously funny, down to the “Top 10 Jews We Wish Weren’t Jewish” and “Israeli Names You Don’t Want to Have If You Live in the U.S.” Read the whole thing.
  • Tradition, Change, and Stumbling Blocks – Historic Decision Paves Way for Gay Jews in the Conservative Movement. Read more.
  • Carter Drops the A-Bomb: The Controversy Surrounding Carter’s New Book Shows That Criticism of Israel May Be the True Third Rail of American Politics. Read more.
  • The “Talk Back!” Feature: La Mala Educación – Why Jewish High School Students Don’t Learn About Israel. “The organized Jewish community has come to the conclusion that the best form of education about Israel is the presentation of a series of uncomplicated, beautiful images of the country…” Read more.

Thanks to all those who contributed recommendations for the hot lists! Letters to the editor can be sent here. Don’t forget that paper subscriptions are free.

The rest of the issue:

  • Letters to the Editor (Re: November/December 2006)
  • Zionist Organization of America Mounts Campaign Against Progressive Student Group: Open Debate and Dialogue are at Stake
  • Israel’s Word Factory: Behind The Scenes at the Hebrew Language Academy
  • The New Voices Guide to Finding Your e-Beshert: Whereupon We Take You Dating
  • Why Holocaust Literature Isn’t Passe: An Interview With Kevin Haworth
  • Top Ten Reasons to Not Add The Ten Commandments to Your Netflix Queue: Film Review
  • Notstalgie: East Germany Lives On In The Lives of Others
  • Google Me, Google Jew: Surfing The Web For Jews
  • “The Price of Ruling Civilians” A Conversation with Yehuda Shaul
  • Alma NY Brings Jews Together
  • Jewish Singles Have a Ball on Christmas Eve
  • Holocaust-Denier David Irving’s Speech Should Not be Suppressed: It Should Be Amplified

9 thoughts on “You asked for it: The New Voices Lists issue!

  1. I love it, I love it, I love it, but you know what?
    I’m sick and tired of people trashing on Kenny G. I might not like his music, but he’s a brilliant goddamn musician.
    I’m not kidding about this.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out to Leo Baeck!
    However, I think they have their ex-Democratic turncoats mixed up — Zell Miller (not Lieberman) is the one with the famed resemblance to Palpatine.
    Also, “ordination regardless of orientation” isn’t a “next big thing”. It’s great that the Conservative movement is finally catching up, but the Reform and Reconstructionist movements have already been there for a while.

  3. BD,
    The following link might give you some pause about Kenny G’s musical brilliance. I admit I have little expertise with which to evaluate the claim one way or the other, but I do recall this review – since first encountering it some years ago, in Harper’s, I think – as about the most scathing and brutal evisceration of an artist I’d ever read.

  4. I want to thank my family and friends and especially Bobby and Susie and of course Jesus and… EXCUSE ME??? Did you just say that I’m one of the top ten kike blogs?
    Ilana Sichel, “editor-in-fantastic” of the JSPS, you have clearly not been introduced to the vain and narcissistic little shit who acts as primary author for the Bizayon. Either that, or you’re privy to survey results that I have yet to see. How many people responded to this damn survey of yours, anyway? Three?
    A fuller response to that article is on the unmentionable Bizayon.

  5. As someone who really, really likes irreverant humor, and thinks people who shake their fingers at it are boring scolds — I think the listing of “Baking the blood of Christian babies in matzoh” among the ‘top 5 most bizarre Jewish rituals’ shows bad judgment and bad humor. All of the other bizarre rituals are real — why is this we-all-know-it’s-a-lie one included? In fact, almost everything on all the lists are real, except for prognostications and obvious jokes. Why include this _one_ lie, and not make clear it’s a lie?
    Nor is the blood libel really that funny, purely as a joke — not because it’s offensive to mention, but it’s just not really that funny. Whereas there are many real Jewish rituals more bizarre and funny that could have been included.
    Anyway, just my $.02. In a time in which people really do believe this canard, I don’t think it’s so cool to include it in a list of otherwise-true ritual practices. It might be funny on another list (“weirdest lies ever told about Jews”) but is really… just…. weird in this one.

  6. I’m sorry but the first thing on the list is the blood libel? Is this a joke? Do these kids think that this was EVER a real Jewish ritual? Holy Shit!

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