You Call That Hassidisco?

Now this is Hassidisco! Chassidisco Fever to be exact, the classic Israeli disco album by Ricki Gal.

1. Od Avinu Hai [download MP3] 2. Haben Yakir Li Ephraim [download MP3] 3. Essa Einai [download MP3] 4. Shma Israel [download MP3]

Apparently Shlomo Carlebach wrote the music for tracks 1 and 3, tho for some reason his name is spelled Karlibach on the record label. I found it in my parents’ closet and ripped it from vinyl, so expect pops and scratches. In it’s 20-something-odd-year lifespan, it’s been somewhat abused.

4 thoughts on “You Call That Hassidisco?

  1. I just bought this album from the record store I have been working at. It is absolutley amazing and well worth finding on vinyl!

  2. Hello
    I was looking for this album and found your website. It is so good….but I can’t find the rest of the songs else where. Is it possible that you can kindly email to me ? I would also like to show a Jewish friend who speaks Hebrew. I really really appreciate if you could do me this big favor. Thank you very much!!

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