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You have now officially been assimilated….

Consumerist reports that,

The annual Islamic Society of North America convention, which was held this past weekend in Illinois, is the largest on the continent—this year approximately 40,000 people attended to take part in panel discussions and seminars. It’s also a bastion of shopping stalls offering every Muslim product imaginable, which leads the UK’s Guardian newspaper to wonder whether it has become “more about shopping than spirituality.”

They quote the Guardian article giving some examples of the necessities of modern American Islamic life: a digital Qur’an audio player, festive Ramadan lights, a pre-packed funeral kit, halal jerky and a mobile phone application that provides daily prayer times for more than 12,000 cities worldwide. Don’t I have the same application on my Treo?
ISNA convention
All I have to say is, that our Muslim fellow citizens are now officially, without a doubt, exactly like every other American. So, the next time there’s some rumbling from the trailer parks about the Muslims amongst us, let’s just let them know that the Borg of American consumer society has won.
Welcome, brothers and sisters.

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