14 thoughts on “Jewish "Die-In" at Penn Station

  1. don’t these people have real jobs?
    i think “underinformed, pampered u.s. jewish college students supported by their underinformed, pampered u.s. jewish parents protest something they don’t really know all that much about” would make better signage.
    get a haircut!

  2. This little piece of so post-modern art inspired protest looks stupid and foolish. I happen to agree with the basic thought – that Israel’s actions in Lebanon – where – are – stupid.
    HOWEVER, this is not the way to argue this point – they just look like a bunch of leftist seals.
    They make me wanna take a baseball bat to their pathetic heads.

  3. I am a strong proponent of democracy, but I must say that people who take the opportunity to say and do such stupid things deserve to be deprived of oxygen.

  4. And I’ll say another thing: this just further proves that pro-Israel activists are a hell of a lot better-looking than the other side. Plus, the anti-Israel demonstrator chicks are so uptight that they can’t just put aside all those angry feelings about occupation, oppressive male dominated society, and injustice to just get drunk and fuck. Well, there are loose hippie women who definitely are promiscuous, but who wants all that armpit hair? Pro-Israel demonstrations are where the hot, classy Jewish girls are.

  5. I’m very disappointed in my fellow New Yorkers for not living up to our reputation by ignoring and stepping on these idiots.

  6. Ah, yes, how lovely to hear from the brilliant reichwing, who, when confronted with actual principles of thought, always attack in the slimiest of ways (my all-time favorite, to date, is hearing a murderous rightwinger practically bursting a blood vessel, while screaming: “You’re not only tall, but you’re ugly!”). For once, people, I would love for you to challenge my thoughts about you.
    Why am I not amazed that your remarks all show your violent fantasies.
    BTW, Smoot — be careful not to overdose on Viagra, while you struggle to acquire an erection with which to masturbate while watching snuff films.

  7. I’m beginning to think that science needs to study this. Perhaps it’s something similar to Tay-Sachs (sp?). A gene, in many Jews, bent on self-destruction. The Death Wish gene, which compells Jews to attack the family and embrace the enemy.

  8. there was a girl who mentioned that her grandma was a halacaust surviver it seemed that she felt a little guily knowing that her grandma disagreesa with her an all levels but she is smarter than her grandparents since she lives in america and was college educated and never saw real hate in her life …grow up you pathetic jews!!!we all want peace and we all want to respect each other and live happily ever after but they will not let us! and we must defend our selfs and our right to defend our selves if you feel the urge to protest then protest against the aggression of hezzbolah showering thousands of rockets on israel and kidnapping our soldiers as well as the palestinians in gaza doing the same while your at it protest the israeli government who is to busy thinking of way to rip settlers out of their homes to defend our people how about leaving those jobs so that people who are competent and give a damn and have a spark of jewish priode, take over. Kahane chai

  9. Well, smoot, lemme tell ya. As I am living in the hippie capitol right now (Eugene, Oregon) I have had the displeasure of being around plenty stinky gross hippies. Still, knowing what lives on NY city sidewalks, I can’t imagine any of them slumming it on one of them….

  10. Why is it that Jews on the extreme left feel the need to express solidarity with practically every group of people and country in the world except the Jewish people and Israel?
    Why do radical leftists support self-determination for every minority group except Jews?
    I think the answers to these questions are deeper than “self-hatred” but that may very well be part of it.

  11. I agree with their position, but would not potest alongside people who’s possibl onl connection to the Jewish community is in this forum.
    I don’t see Arabs Muslims or Palestinaians protesting in this manner. until they do, we can’t protest against ourselves.

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