You Wanna Talk Apartheid States?

“Saudi Arabia is barring visits by Jews after launching a new visa scheme to try to attract more tourists.”

Interestingly enough, the posting to the Saudi website about the new visa restrictions has been removed. Anyone got a cached version? Here’s the original page. (c/o Reb Hershey Novack)

Oh, also, can someone give me some good news please? There’s been entirely too much antisemitism in the news lately…I just need to hear something POSITIVE today.

6 thoughts on “You Wanna Talk Apartheid States?

  1. I notice that the original website also had a list of restrictions for women. The original says that women traveling alone must be met at the airport by a husband or guardian.
    Israeli and West Bank Muslims could not go on the Hajj to Mecca for a long time. A deal was eventually worked out where they could use a special Jordanian passport.

  2. looks like it was a mistake on the site as they now say.
    “When erroneous information was noticed on SCT’s website, it was removed. SCT regrets any inconvenience this may have caused “

  3. Could everyone who actually wants to go to Saudi Arabia please raise their hand? Not to generalize, but this seems to me like being barred from a KKK rally. I can understand needing to be their on business, but I’d rather stay home.

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