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Your chance to be Jewish farmer and live in the woods

ADAMAH: The Jewish Environmental Fellowship is a three month leadership training program for Jewish young adults — ages 20–29 — that integrates organic farming, sustainable living, Jewish learning, leadership, and contemplative spiritual practice. Participants live together at Isabella Freedman: Jewish Retreat Center, located in northwest Connecticut, just south of the Berkshires.
Dates for 2006 Fellowships:
Summer: May 29 to Sept. 4
Fall: Sept. 10 to Dec. 10
Applications are currently being accepted for both summer and fall 2006 fellowships.
Personal pitch: I’ve known many chill Jews over the years who have experienced the Adamah program. It’s a great opportunity to live in a Jewish community outside of the city. People who do the program come from all different religious and educational backgrounds. Oh yeah and you get to milk goats!

7 thoughts on “Your chance to be Jewish farmer and live in the woods

  1. so u have to be cool shomer shabbos right wing with the settelements but u gotta be hippie about it. gimme a break, all u veggies, the contradictions abound.
    allen ginsberg is either cool or hes the OTHER side!
    jafiltefish judaism is a hoax!

  2. Actually, the participants in the Adamah fellowship program are not all vegetarians. Contrary to what some think, just because someone farms vegetables doesn’t mean they don’t also eat meat. Isabella Freedman, the retreat center that hosts the Adamah fellowship, while it does have a reputation for healthy edible vegetarian food [and not just lame meat alternatives], prides itself on only serving free-range chicken and wild salmon. Some would even say that free-range chicken is better for you than non-organic tofu, since almost 100% of non-organic soybeans [and other products with soy ingredients such as tempeh, miso, soy sauce, soy milk, etc.] are almost always genetically-manipulated and herbicide-treated. The same is true for canola, corn, dairy products and potatoes.

  3. my point being the entire crux of the cognitive dissonance! the whole american baal tshuvoh hippie hilltop thing.
    oh, u bat ayin guys are so fucking cool!
    lets eat sprouts, listen to music that others say r cool and lets fuck the earth!

  4. What is this argument over. Are you saying the only people who have a right to do this are people who want to screw over Palestinians? Suppose a Jew wants to be a farmer and a nice person at the same time?

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