Your Politics Might Be Genetic

A curious piece in Haaretz: Apparently, some scientists have researched the link between genetics and liberal politics. If you have this gene, and also were a particularly social person in childhood and adolescence, you might have voted for Obama or performed some similar behavior. It would be interesting to see the results if  this study were performed in the American Jewish community. Somebody fund it.

One thought on “Your Politics Might Be Genetic

  1. Since comments are closed for the JS 36 post — I’ll comment here.
    Re the call for entries, here’s an idea, instead of wasting time generating a self-congratulatory award list — similar to the lists generated by the Jewish establishment organizations that Jew School contributors/commenters relish bashing (justifiably or not) — all of you progressive Jewish types could maybe spend your time actually working for the social change you claim to be striving form instead of nominating yourselves for awards for your work?
    The call for entries is of course done in a faux ironic jesting way, lest we think that people *actually* desire recognition from lists such as this (which they clearly do – this will be borne out by the people who bother to nominate THEMSELVES).
    This strikes me as more of the hyper-self-conscious navel-gazing material that passes for content on what used to be a pretty dynamic little website.
    Re the site, step your content game up.
    Re the list, really? This is necessary?

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