Zeek Journal: What Smart Jews Read (when they're not reading Jewschool)

Did you ever have an exciting secret you had to keep for weeks? This Shamir is thrilled to finally let it out:
On our fifth anniversary, Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture has just brought on as editors two Tikkun exiles:

Just a few weeks after their departure from Michael Lerner’s Tikkun magazine, the bimonthly’s two former top editors have signed on to work for a relative newcomer in the field, the independent Jewish journal Zeek.

As the Forward reported last month, the two editors, Joel Schalit and Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, left Tikkun voluntarily, though all concerned said that the two had differences with Lerner over the content and direction of magazine.

Since most Jewschool readers already know how fabulous Zeek’s artistic journalism already is, I won’t go on and on about that; I’ll just simply share my two favorite quotations from the Forward article:

“The religion itself is changing,” she [Green Kaiser] said. “It may be changing in a way that’s as radical as the shift from temple worship to rabbinical Judaism. The work I have been doing at Tikkun and what I want to keep doing at Zeek is to try and trace that shift.”

“We’d like to be the journal that a certain kind of smart Jew has to read,” Michaelson said. “In certain circles, you have to subscribe to the New Yorker. Our ambition is to fill that niche for the Jewish world.”

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2 thoughts on “Zeek Journal: What Smart Jews Read (when they're not reading Jewschool)

  1. I want to hear more about alleged differences with Lerner. Let’s assume is was all leshem shamayim, and so should be made clear to others. If not, some folks might think it was just personal squabbling….

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