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Kosher Blues

Kosher McDonald's SignWhen the angel of death was sent by G-d to kill all the Egyptian first born sons, he knew to skip over the homes of Jews as symbolized by sheep’s blood smeared on the doorposts. Lehavdil (as rebbe used to say), thanks to Chief Rabbi, Israel Lau, Israeli patrons of the McDonalds fast food chain will now be able to spot the difference between the regular establishments and the kosher ones, it what is probably the first major change to the Company’s logo and appearance. A blue McDonald’s is kosher, and red one is not so kosher – sort of like the American states.

2 thoughts on “Kosher Blues

  1. Blue states are kosher and the red states are not?… Why would you classify so many people as “not kosher”…
    If a person is cristian and not jewish, they are “not kosher”? Please elaborate on your statement….

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