Well there’s something you don’t see every day: Israelis dressed as Nazis hanging out on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. The actors were performing a musical reenactment of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising which was part of a celebration of Jewish resistance to oppression. The event also featured reenactments of scenes from the Roman occupation of Judea, the Spanish expuslion, and all of Israel’s wars.
After exiting the stage, the two men were immediately surrounded by an angry crowd which shouted, “You have real chutzpah wearing that!” and “How could you put that uniform on?!” and “What the hell is the matter with you?!”
Oy. Critics.

20 thoughts on “Zionazis

  1. mob–I thought you were all for Jews living in the territories–shouldn’t we all be able to live statelessly wherever we want and have real, lasting peace? or do you just want this Josh guy to leave?

  2. Dang, there was pr0n and I missed it? Hook me up man.
    And seriously wtf is up with people and the nazi uniforms. It’s not like these guys were actually nazis, they were just doing a reenactment. The people who got pissed off have some serious problems. And even if they were nazis, what do you care? Freedom of speech. Call me when they actually try to physically hurt somebody. I’ll be the last person on earth to say something good about a nazi. But I’ll be the first person on earth to defend their right to say and beleive what they want.
    I mean, without freedom you might have, um….

  3. i do respect freedom of speech and do demand it in israel, but hate speech intended to incite violence against individuals and groups (ethnic, cultural) seems to cross a line from being free speech into being oppressive speech.

  4. Your job is to keep Jewschool moderate and entertaining. If I lose interest, I’ll probably spend that amount of time on some other ‘less moderate’ sites. Look what middle and mufti did to me over the past few weeks when I went into self-exile; I started fixing up wikipedia articles about settlements and Baruch Marzel’s party.
    My wife thinks that I wouldn’t make it on a hilltop outpost without ADSL anyway, so we’re staying in the city.

  5. Josh, if you wanna move to a hilltop, i’m sure Tsahal will buy you a little satellite dish with my tax dollars so that you can keep surfing.
    check out the pic at the link:

    Recently, skinheads have been seen in Hatzor and Kiryat Shmona. In Russian bookstores in Israel, books that promote Holocaust-denial are sold openly (which is against the law), as are cassettes of neo-Nazi songs like “The Nazis are Coming.”

  6. Why remember the Warsaw Ghetto uprising? Something like 70 jews escaped in all from it and the majority of those died later in the woods. I just pity the idiot Poles who tried to help jews escape…
    Whose fault is it that the Nazis even attacked Poland in the first place? Whose fault is the years of communism after the war? Whose fault is it that Poland is now in a terrible state?
    And don’t even think about crawling back, with Prawo i Sprawiedliwoś&#263 ; in power I you will not be welcomed.

  7. Polish Kid – This must be the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen. I assure you, no Jew is planning to “crawl back” into Poland, except to may be visit former concentration camps and to remind ourselves what Poles are capable of allowing. You must be trying to incite anger; or, may be you are actually polish.

  8. Really? Not planning to? http://www.washtimes.com/world
    Evidence would suggest otherwise. I just thought I’d tell you jews what I, a Pole, thought about it – I wasn’t trying to incite jew anger or whatever else, just tell you how we feel!
    Don’t bother visiting the camps, we don’t want you. The government created laws against you in 1939 and still you jews caused the destruction of my country! Remind yourselves how Poles feel by all means but stay out!

  9. yes, “crawling back” – crawling here to ‘take back *your* land’! ha! It is never your land, did you jews stay and fight for ‘your’ land no. It is Polish land, for Polish people and you are crawling back to take advantage of Poland just as you did before.

  10. oh god. why don’t we all agree on ignoring _insert_random_offense_ like polka kid and end this totally obsolete discussion. don’t feed the trolls!

  11. Russian Rübezahl – you are absolutely right. It’s also valuable to be reminded of that mentality periodically. Not much has changed over the years. so much for progress

  12. Jeremy,
    As much as I think ‘Polish Kid’ is a total idiot for what he has said, I don’t think “what Poles are capable of allowing” is any better.

  13. Hey people, know this, from the experiences of the Polish partisans whose memoirs I edit. The ponddwellingscumsucker named Polish kid is exactly like the dirtbags who killed my 18 month old bro in Auschwitz and would kill you as soon as look at you and spit on you and turn you into ashes after stealing everything you own. His grandparents were babykillers. They murdered little children in pits, bashed their delicate little baby heads against walls and worshipped the Nazis. And burned alive POLISH babies whose mothers helped Jews.
    NEVER FORGET THAT. They allowed and enjoyed the attacks on the Jews, stripped our mothers naked and paraded them through the streets of towns like Kamionka and Dzialocyse…and even after they rid themselves of the Jews, they still had to destroy every standing edifice that reminded them of us…Not all Poles…just the dregs of humanity like Polish kid and his poisonous ilk. May his past and hatred ruin his life forever.

  14. Hey Kyle’s mom – that first part is the nicest thing anyone’s reminded me about in a while! Good on my grandparents and uncles! You’re wrong though; no Pole murdered ‘little children’ – little jews maybe, little Poles no. As for Poles ‘destroy ever standing edifice’ – didn’t work though, did it? We don’t get rid of destructive jewish idealology until 1989 and only just kicked the comies out of government now!
    I agree with you though jew – ‘never forget that’ = NEVER COME BACK JEWS!

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