16 thoughts on “12 Year Old Jewish Girl Beaten Unconcious; Bystanders Ignore Cries For Help

  1. I think it is imperative that we understand the psyche of these youths. We must put into account all the opression that the Jew has placed upon them. Poor English girls.
    Maybe if the Jewish community wasn’t so arrogant, these girls would be productive citizens.

  2. Merliner- I tried the same sarcasm a couple of posts back. People on this website don’t get it. They take it seriously.

  3. We got it formermuslim…
    welcome to the world we live in my friends… it’ll only get worse, but hey, we’re used to it.

  4. I found this story about an attack on the owner of a Kosher Cafe in Loddon. I have also read about attacks on Hasidic men. It appears that it is not safe to be visually marked as Jewish in the UK.
    The the UK media still insists that there is no antisemitism in the UK.
    This is from the website http://www.totallyJewish.com:
    ” The owner of a kosher cafe yesterday spoke of the terrifying moments when she was threatened with a knife and spat at in
    an unprovoked antisemitic attack outside her
    Golders Green restaurant. Mother of one, Linda Cohen
    from Hendon, told the Jewish News how the two attackers
    made threats on her life, as customers dined just a few feet
    away inside La Maison on Sunday evening.
    The 34-year-old, said the shocking scenes unfolded
    after the pair approached the cafe asking a colleague if it
    was kosher and shouting abuse at that female member
    of staff. Linda said: “I came out of the cafe with some coffee
    and saw these two men shouting abuse. Then they began
    shouting abuse at me. One of them came towards me with a
    knife attached to a chain and threatened to kill me, whilst
    shouting ‘I’m going to kill you, you [expletive] Jew’”.
    As she ran inside to call the police, the two suspects began
    to walk off but turned around and began throwing chairs at her male colleague and punching him in the face and back,
    causing injury to his left wrist, “They just continued attacking
    him…they threw chairs at him and hit him in the head and
    back,” she said.
    The two men then threatened to throw the chair at the
    restaurant window, but Linda ran out and pleaded with them
    not to, at which point they threw yet another chair at the
    male colleague. The suspects later ran off in the direction of
    Finchley Road.
    Linda said: “I was shocked that it had happened to me,
    here in Europe… someone spitting at you and calling you a
    stinking Jew.
    “It’s shocking that you’re living in a world where you’re
    attacked simply because you are Jewish. It’s not like I stole
    anything from him – it was just because I’m Jewish. “It’s very scary. Here we are, living in 2006 and it’s just getting
    worse. After the Holocaust, we thought things would be different. But we’re always under threat, and its scary”.
    One of the suspects has been described as a 24-year-old male,
    5 foot 10 inches tall, of European appearance, wearing a
    blue zip-up top and grey tracksuit bottoms. The other has been
    described as a 24-year-old male.

  5. Nella- I don’t think “most” people get it. Not with the constant whining about the need te keep the diaspora alive or that you need Europe. And other than Mobius, which one of you is writing from Israel? The best revenge you can take on these scum is to migrate to Israel. But revenge isn’t really on anybodies mind.

  6. Jewish self-defense is the key. I’m not a Revisionist Zionist but Jabotinsky’s A B C was correct. To paraphrase:
    “Jewish Youth–Learn to Shoot!”

  7. I live no more than 7 minutes walk from where this attack took place and I was appalled then and am becoming increasingly concerned as the days go by.
    No one got involved and I keep hearing from my fellow Jews that I shouldn’t worry, it isn’t as bad as it seems and things are bound to get better.
    Now where have I heard that before?

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