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The Award for Worst Slogan Ever goes to…

From Yediot Aharonot (with the apologetic update from Italian news agency AGI):

President of southern Chieti province uses ‘work makes you free’ slogan that topped gates at Auschwitz in brochure to promote local job centers, saying he could not remember source but was impressed by quote
“Work makes you free. I don’t remember where I read this phrase but it was one of those quotes that have an instant impact on you because they tell an immense truth,” Coletti wrote in the pamphlet, Ansa reported.

How’s about doing just a little research next time?

4 thoughts on “The Award for Worst Slogan Ever goes to…

  1. I guess i misread that article i thought that he said: “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH!” It would be ungood plus if he really quoted from the gates at Auschwitz.

  2. Work makes you free, were it not put at the gates of Auschwitz, would not offend a lot of you. If you think about it, it’s the guiding principle behind the bootstrap individualist mythology, the cornerstone of those Horatio Algeresque stories that inevitably come from the mouths of the rich about their or their ancestors rise from utter poverty to wealth. Americans are taught this idea in their schools, the idea that everyone, if they work hard, can become wealthy. And rationally, when one assumes this creed, the poor must have been lazy, and therefore, there is no reason to help them, because it’s their own fault.
    I firmly reject the principle of “Arbeit macht frei” and the social darwinist principles it implies, however, one cannot ignore how this philosophy currently affects much of the worlds population by basically justifying their horrid living conditions.

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