2005: Year of the Jewish MC

In the January 2005 edition of Atlanta Jewish Life, I wrote:

Will 2005 be the year of the Jewish MC? Highly unlikely. But it will be a year for incredibly innovative and inspiring Jewish hip-hop music.

Welp, I take it back. With Matisyahu having the #1 song on the radio in Los Angeles, selling out his New Year’s show a month in advance (let alone all four dates in Israel &#0151 stop asking, no I can’t get you tickets), and playing January 14th at Madison Square Garden, 2005 would, indeed, appear to be the year of the Jewish MC.
Kol hakavod be-itches.

3 thoughts on “2005: Year of the Jewish MC

  1. poor article. purely makes jewish hiphop seem like a novelty joke…groups like “chutzpah” “50 shekel”(even though he doesnt count..) “meshugge knight” and all other stupid pricks who turn our culture into a novelty. fuck ’em.
    why dont they talk about non phixion. now thers some real (jewish) hiphop.

  2. So I thought we were adressing ideas here and not attacking individuals? I red the article and it seems like Chutzpah is serious about what they’re doing even though they use humor. I don’t see why we think it’s OK to call proud Jews “stupid pricks”

  3. mobius:
    did you catch any matis shows at the barbi? are you going to the jerusalem shows? (i went last night and am going motz”Sh.)

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