PA to Offer Stipends to Families of Suicide Bombers

(Though I’d have entirely preferred another English source) Frontpage reports,

The very same day that an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber killed at least five Israelis and wounded more than 40 innocent people in a Netanya shopping mall, the Palestinian daily, al Hayat al Jadida (page 3), reported that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, signed a new law to support the families of suicide bombers.
A day earlier (Dec 4, 2005), the news was celebrated in a special gathering in Gaza, organized by Yasser Ararir, Chairman of the Gazan Association of Martyr Families, who led the public campaign for the approval of this law for over a year. He praised Abbas’ decision.
Enacting a special law to financially support terrorists will ensure that this kind of activity continues. Each shahid’s family will receive a monthly stipend of at least $250. The family of a married shahid will receive an additional $50. Parents will receive an additional $25, and each additional child and/or brother or sister will get another $15.
This new budget to support the families of suicide bombers comes on the heels of the recent approval of another new law providing more than $50 million per year to support Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons and Palestinian terrorists wounded while attacking Israel.

Full story. Hebrew report here.

15 thoughts on “PA to Offer Stipends to Families of Suicide Bombers

  1. But didn’t John give several sources yesterday showing that the Palestinian government does not support suicide bombers?
    I’m confused.

  2. Is this the only source that’s providing this story? I find it a little hard to believe that no reputable paper is covering this if it actually happened.

  3. There are a few other sources but they are far and few between. Also, it appears that the financial aid goes to all families of Palestinians who have died in the past few years either committing terrorist acts or as innocent civilians (though comparitively few Palestinians not engaged in violence have been killed), and not only to families of suicide bombers.
    Anyway, here are a couple other sources (other than the one in Hebrew that was already linked to)

    The last link claims that there are stories about this in the Arab press as well.

  4. how are you supposed to trust and negotiate with leaders who pay people to blow you up. this alone proves their intentions. becoming a suicide bomber is now alot more economically rewarding than an honest job. wat the fuck. left wingers for example hate on us becuase we want to build walls to keep these people out. if wanting to keep people out who are paid to kill you makes me a fascist right winger…well then….
    in this light….john brown…i would definately say collective punishment is justified. or should they only be allowed to reap the rewards for their relatives actions?in fact ..lets just subsidies the rewards. i mean, thats what the UN are doing with the aid they give to the PA anyway..may aswell give ’em a hand. you know..share the love and all.
    here’s proof if you need it…the PA do not want peace. i really hope this is not the case.

  5. Danny,
    “Left wingers” aren’t against the wall per se. It was left wingers, in fact, who proposed the wall in the first place. The route of the wall is what pisses many progressives off. Once the Israeli right adopted the idea of a wall, its construction became pretext for land-grabbing and led to the bisecting of villages, the separation of farmers from farms, etc. That’s what upsets progressives. But a wall in and of itself is not a bad idea, given the cult of mass murder perpetuated on the Palestinian side.

  6. “Well done, Mobius, I commend you for providing some balance in an otherwise difficult discussion.”

  7. EV your right you do have a very valid point, i did stereotype.
    although i do know many left wingers who are against it through who often dont know why they are against the wall.
    and i agree the wall should not cut Palestinian farmers off from there farms etc..although i am still rather sceptical as to how much this actaully happens. if anyones got ne info on that it would be appreciated…

  8. The Palestinians call anyone who dies as a result of the conflict a martyr, whether it’s someone who commits a suicide bombing, or a woman who dies giving birth at a checkpoint. You die in a bathtub accident, and you’re not a martyr.
    Yes, this compensates families of suicide bombers, but is it specifcially aimed at them? another source besides Frontpagemag should be consulted.
    Danny — here’s a B’tselem report on whole villages separated from their farms by the barrier: http://www.btselem.org/English
    Some stats on the barrier: http://www.btselem.org/english
    I don’t know how many farmers are actually cut off, but the barrier has severely affected Palestinian agriculture and isolated much of the West Bank’s most arable land and 51 of its water wells on the “Israeli” side of the barrier. http://www.csmonitor.com/2004/

  9. xisnotx:
    ‘Yes, this compensates families of suicide bombers, but if it specifically aimed at them? another source besides Frontpagemag should be consulted’
    It should’t matter if it is specifically aimed at them or not as it doesn’t change the fact that it is wrong to do so in the first place. Terrorism is being aimed at us, and I’m not really interested in finding out if the funding is a specific programme or more general which encompasses other types of murderers as well. Doesn’t seem pertinent from where I’m sitting.
    There were two sources cited for the article; one in English, one in Ivrit. I don’t understand you’re point regarding consulting ‘another’ source.

  10. Matityahu — The Jerusalem Newswire, which someone linked to above, says “Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has approved financial aid to the families of all ‘Palestinians’ killed in conflict with Israel.”
    That sounds like any Palestinians killed in the conflict, not just suicide bombers. Absolutely it’s wrong to compensate families for members who’ve died committing war crimes.
    As for whether the programme “encompasses other types of murderers as well,” consider this:
    “http://hrw.org/report s/2005/iopt0605/1.htm#_ Toc106249162
    “According to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, between the beginning of the intifada and the end of November 2004, 3,040 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces, including 606 children, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. According to their investigations at least 1,661 of those killed (including 531 children under the age of 18) were not involved in hostilities when they were killed.”

  11. xisnotx:
    I take your point, and you make a convincing argument. I wonder if you have another source besides B’Tselem which coud corroborate the numbers cited?

  12. The Palestinian Red Crescent handles all the bodies, but I don’t think they’re investigated in the way B’tselem does. There’s an Israeli counter-terror think tank that also keeps numbers and uses differrent criteria for non-combatants, but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head.

  13. why should be support the families of the people that are killing our neighbors. And killing our soldiers in Iraq.

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