From and AlterNet:

O’REILLY: You have a very big split in the Jewish-American community. You got a lot of Jewish liberals, a lot of Jewish far-left people, who basically feel that, you know, you don’t have a right to go after terrorists because it’s our fault, the United States’ fault. And some say it’s Israel’s fault because we’ve been mean to them, therefore they have a right to do whatever they want — behead people on camera, all this terrible stuff. OK? That’s a far-left position.

I’ve seen the beheading videos. Multiple times.
I can’t imagine that any human being alive — Jew or gentile — would ever say that someone has the right to behead people on camera. I can’t imagine that any human being alive considers terrorists beheading innocent contractors and workers to be any less than a crime, any less than a horror — and certainly not a good thing.
Then again, I use the term “human being” liberally.