9 thoughts on “25th Hour

  1. actually according to the Alter Rebbe (the Founding father of Chabad Lubavitch) the Time that shabbat goes out is segnificantly earlier than those times published on Chabad.org – but they get in enough trouble for believing in the Rebbe being Moshiach

  2. yeah, like BZ said (and i think is pretty obvious), the joke is that shabot is checking the time shabbat ends online while it is still shabbos (in effect, braking shabbos). that’s the joke. and of course where else is he going to check but on chabad.org? i personally prefer myzmanim, but, hey, at least it brought up a good opportunity to take a couple pot-shots at chabad, right sholomanarchy?

  3. @Bobless — it’s not an issue if Shabot is already running before Shabbos, right?
    Or — if it’s still an issue, I’m sure there has to be some sort of Shabot Goy…

  4. What’s with everyone taking hits at Chabad? Specially when it is out of ignorance, since it is clear to anyone who knows the movement that those who believe that the Rebbe is moshiach are just a small minority in proportion.
    While everyone is crying over intermarriage and declining Jewish birth rates, chabadniks are out in the streets getting Jews back to Judaism.

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