8 thoughts on “EV gets our back

  1. Mob…what was once a Jewish site that was a pleasure to read, has morphed into a collage of competing images and text. It’s so hard on my eyes, that I surf on over to your competition. Perhaps I’m the only one, but if not, you might want to allow the design to support and not conflict with the text.

  2. I have to concur, the design is awfully off-putting… Totally overhwelming, impossible to read. The implications of having half-naked blond girls in the background of a Jewish site aside, this redesign has made Jewschool much less pleasant to read.

  3. Yeah, the bikini bothers me too, but that aside, even if she were fully covered or if there was a picture of a girafe instead, the page is visually confusing.
    Shavuah tov, moadim l’simcha.

  4. I Looove the new background design concept. Its a mesmerizing mixture of creative/innovative and distinctly dazzling designing.Perfect fusion of design/form/function and structure.
    Also love the mind over matter/visual cortex over velvet skullcap connotations pic. Nice juxtaposition of pious payos/hypocrisy and visual temptation. It reinforces the trite truism “its the thought that counts and not the mundane (judaic) material or lack thereof”.

  5. I prefer this to the old background that was crazy busy with images.
    And I don’t find it hard to read the text.
    That said, I am certainly not married to it so if everyone else hates it by all means change it.

  6. I also vote for a change, because the current background will make it much harder to check Jewschool discreetly when I go back to work on Wednesday.

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