3 thoughts on “Things that have not yet been said in Yiddish in Williamsburg

  1. 21st kislev is when the satmar rebbe left bergen belsen, not hungary. the train stopped there on eichmann’s orders and was released when more ransom was paid.
    This news guy’s yiddish is grating on the ears, manufactured klal shprach with a bad accent too!
    What is the point of this post Mr. Cohen? What does the title mean?
    These are not the first yidden to say this in Williamsburg and to connect this to the comments of Republicans during the last election, tenuous, no shaiches really.
    Instead of just putting something up because it’s in yiddish and you’re nostalgic for something you’ve never really known, put up a real essay on Satmar, scandal, culture, The Zalies and Aronies realtionships with the authorities, vechuley…

  2. That said, if the accusations are true, then Weberman should be put away for a long, long time. Then there should be a thorough review of the so-called counseling sessions for young people in chasidishe neighborhoods. I know it’s been said a million times and kudos to Rabbi Horowitz for his work, ein apitropis l’arayos!

  3. Since the Satmar’s legal sexual activities are leading them to eventually outnumber the Conservatives, wouldn’t it be more productive for Cohen to encourage the protesters to get in on inside instead of getting on protesting outside?

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