99% Agree

We Jews rarely agree on anything. But you know what we apparently almost all agree on? We agree that achieving energy independence is important.
That’s according to a recent American Jewish Committee poll.
I mention this, because any Jewish organization that isn’t pushing for energy independence is acting against the will of the Jewish people.
99% (of Jews!) agree. Of that, only 18% say it is “somewhat” important. The remaining say it is VERY important.
It is very important. Our survival is imperiled by our addiction to oil. And if you think I sound all Lefty calling this an addiction, please see the American Jewish Committee’s own essay on the subject, “Over a Barrel,” which calls it an addiction as well. That’s the AJC — not exactly big hippies, right?
But we all agree on this one. Now let’s do something about it! Actually, we need to do lots of things about it.
What do you think we should do?
Via: The Forward

4 thoughts on “99% Agree

  1. clearly the problem goes back to the 50’s when the conservative movement lost its resolve and allowed folks to drive to shul/Temple. It’s only a hop skip and an SUV forward to the sick, car dependent culture we live here in the US. the only solution is for us to all start walking to shul. it’s the only way…

  2. I’m not sure why the AJC report is news. Isn’t there a well-trod path for Jews working on energy issues? And hasn’t it been paved by the Shalom Center, coejl, and others?
    It’s like when a man speaks after a woman at a meeting, and uses his time to ‘approve’ of what she said. Often, it comes across as a man feeling the need to validate a female opinion, as though with out it it doesn’t really count. It’s a sign of sexist, albeit unconscious.
    Here we have a similar syndrome: the mainstream royalty of right wing backwards jewish orgs refrains from joining the moving train, but instead announces it’s own train. Fuck you; I’m on the moving train, and what you are doing isn’t news anymore.

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