A HinJew Wedding

Angad Paul, youngest son of Indian steel baron Lord Swraj Paul, has taken a bride for himself. The Hindu executive producer of Madonna-hubby Guy Ritchie’s acclaimed films Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch has tied the knot with Jewish entertainment lawyer Michelle Bonn.

The rites were solemnised according to Hindu-Jewish tradition for Michelle is Jewish. “We had a Hindu ceremony followed by Jewish blessings,” said Paul.

The match could give new meaning to the title The Jew in the Lotus. I can only imagine what the comments on their Only Simchas page might look like.

8 thoughts on “A HinJew Wedding

  1. “great, another jew bites the dust…ugggggghhhhhhhhh.”
    So, she can’t remain Jewish because she married a Hindu? Are you going to revoke her IJC memebership?

  2. indeed she is avi green with jealousy. Must have wanted to hang onto the guy herself…and you cant even blame her.

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