A Light in Dark Places

The Independent reports,

A lampshade allegedly made from the skins of Jews who died in the Holocaust may be sold at auction, despite the protests of Jewish groups.

The lamp forms part of a controversial collection of artefacts assembled by Robert Lenkiewicz, a leading portrait artist who once famously embalmed the body of a tramp.

Jewish leaders fear the lamp may now be sold to the highest bidder to help pay off £2m debts owed by the Lenkiewicz estate and accrued by the artist, who died in 2002. Jewish groups say the lamp should be buried with dignity.

Hrm, I think it should go to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum as part of the permanent collection, so the whole world can see how depraved humanity is capable of being if we allow ourselves to be.

3 thoughts on “A Light in Dark Places

  1. I say take a photo of the lampshade for the museum if you must, but I also think it should be buried.
    If that horrible thing was once part of one of my relatives I’d want it buried with respect not gawked at in a museum.
    I also think that is what Jewish law would dictate although I am no expert on this matter by any means.

  2. Wow.
    I was hanging out in Palm Springs at a friend’s family’s house during the last Coachella, and I have a very large tattoo on my back. My friend’s grandma got wasted on Bloody Mary’s at breakfast and seeing my tattoo proclaimed, “You really shouldn’t have a tattoo like that. It makes you too identifiable and if there is a second holocaust they will skin you and make you into a lampshade.”
    I was appalled at the time, but figured she was just drunk and she had no way of knowing I was Jewish…
    However, I guess I didn’t realize this had really happened? Now I’m VERY VERY Appalled.
    She was apparently a stewardess on some military airline…
    my favorite part was where my friend pulled up his shirt showing her his tribal sun back piece and she says, “Oh yeah… YEAH! I’ve been looking for a sun piece for my patio!”
    I’m going with the get rid of the lamp vote.

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