A little more about Israeli metal

The main metal site in Israel is Metalist, which is run by Oron Tanami and his sidekick Ofir Messer. They have the most news about the Israeli and international metal scene posted, other than Hyde Park.

Currently one of the hottest topics on Metalist is one of the first and most loved Israeli bands to make it big internationally: Orphaned Land.

They’re on a mini-European tour right now, but right before they left they had a sending-off-show in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Click here to see the pics I took, wheeeeee.

One thought on “A little more about Israeli metal

  1. Hi–I came here from Toner Mishap. Love your blog!
    I checked out the Metalist site, but no English… Waaah! Oh well, I guessed my way around and WOW, great music there!
    Anyway I just wanted to drop a note to say hello and again, great work on your site. I’ll check back again!

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