4 thoughts on “A man of many hats

  1. I guess the choice of kippah might have been too telling. Kippah srugah, too zionist; black leather, too modern; black velvet, too chnoiky; any kippah–too Jewish?

  2. Well, considering how the guy got savaged for his ultra-orthodox looking black fedora, I would say that the baseball cap is a safer way for him to go.

  3. ultra-orthodox looking black fedora
    Well, no it wasn’t. The universal comment was that it made him look like a classic film noir gangster (which the guy probably is). The stereotypical hassidic headgear is the even older-fashioned wider brimmed thing that nobody wears but in movies. (Though it would be convenient for someone with a distorted view of the world to misremember attacks on Abramoff as attacks on Judaism.)

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