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It's a Shonde!

Tomorrow night, The Shondes, a scandalous queer/trans rock quartet with a penchant for really good matzoh balls and very radical politics, make their New York debut.

Thursday, March 30, 9:00 pm (doors at 8:00)
North Six (Williamsburg, Brooklyn, off the L train)
**The Vibration (ever blazin’)
**The Shondes (queercore to make you dance and break your heart)
**Pants Avengers (formerly God is my Co-Pilot) (scrappy sex-political)
**Triple Creme (born to rock.)

The Brooklyn-based Shondes are a rock quartet made up of drums, bass, guitar,
violin, and powerful, intertwining vocals. With the drama and grit of Patti
Smith, the vocal complexity of R.E.M., the punch of Sleater Kinney, and a
songwriting style inspired by Bach, The Shondes’ music is driving, dramatic,
and unabashedly brave, mixing elements of Rock and Classical music with radical
political content…Every song explodes with energy, getting audiences up off
their tuchuses and onto the dance floor as well as sparking political passion.
The end result is a unique sound that is devastating, heartbreaking, and
And, nu, people are *talking*…! Here’s what the important ones have to say:
“Oy! What is that they’re saying about ending the occupation?? Well, with a name
like The Shondes, I should have expected as much.”
-Zayde at Large
“Damn… those Shondes are hot. I’ve been waiting for a band that sexy
to have politics for the last ten years” -Queer at Large
“Whoa.” -Rocker at Large
Check out their new song “I Watched the Temple Fall” or subscribe to their list to hear about upcoming shows and events.

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