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Bush Administration calls for removal of Iraqi leader…

… except, of course, that this time, it was the one selected by the democratic process in which the US government invested international goodwill, thousands of lives, limbs, and billions of dollars. And Iraqi Premier Jaafari is not feeling it. From the Judy Miller, Wiretap burying, Sudan advertising Times:
“There was a stand from both the American government and President Bush to promote a democratic policy and protect its interests,” he said, sipping from a cup of boiled water mixed with saffron. “But now there’s concern among the Iraqi people that the democratic process is being threatened.”
“The source of this is that some American figures have made statements that interfere with the results of the democratic process,” he added. “These reservations began when the biggest bloc in Parliament chose its candidate for prime minister.”

Now, admittedly, it seems like Jaafari is having some issues, and he may not be the best guy in the world. But how can we argue around this one? This is from the election the administration paraded around as a success!!! Is the Administration going to keep demanding folks step down so a former oil exec can run the country?

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