A Mechitza Under The Big Top

Today’s afternoon performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will be closed to the general public and missing its female performers.

That’s because the show at Madison Square Garden has been bought out by a group of 18,000 Hasidic Jews from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and as far away as Baltimore, the Daily News has learned.

Full story.

In related news, The Jewish Week talks with Ringling Bros. only Jewish clown, Elliot Zimet.

2 thoughts on “A Mechitza Under The Big Top

  1. old news. Not only does it not have female acrobats but it is also doubling as a Uncle moishy / Avraham Fried / Dedi Concert together with the ringling brothers femaleless circus. Mr “Ding” (golding from suki and ding) really knew what he was doing when he approached ringling bros with this idea.

  2. ha! i love all the passover antics of the observant… like “jew day” at six flags, new jersey, where i have many memories of running into every jewish (pre-)teen I ever met in the tri-state area…

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