4 thoughts on “This is purely a coincidence… right?

  1. don’t get paranid about it. nothing wrong with the image and indeed, the nazi symbol is used by many cultures before the nazis ever did.
    it is time to reclaim the swastika back.
    actually Dan Bern did a song about reclaiming the swastika.
    Just because the Nazis used it for 20 years, doesn’t mean it is a bad thing to use.

  2. you know, i really like alex jones–particularly his performance in waking life, as well as his doc on bohemian grove. but the fact that he links to that antisemitic p.o.s. texe marrs’ site bothers the-ever-living-shit out of me. the value of his work drops straight into the toilet with that association.

  3. No it’s NOT a coincidence. Study more history. Research the truth about the Swastika & how Hitler stole it.
    it’s widely known the Bush family ( along with other western industrialists, some of which, yes, were Zionists ) suppported & funded the German Reich. Pretty creepy. Check it out.

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