3 thoughts on “What A Retarded Question

  1. Islamic Jihad guy: “The massacres in Iraq expose the intentions of the US and prove that it did not come to bring democracy and freedom, but for hegemony, control, theft, and colonialism.”
    Me: uh, that’s correct. Jeez. It sucks to agree with anyone from IJ about anything.
    Basically, Kalle Lasn would be better off asking, “If the U.S. wasn’t a globally ambitious hegemonic power with a government composed of Orientalists, would we have invaded Iraq?”

  2. Isn’t this kind of like asking “if half of the Nazi’s were Jewish, would the Holocaust have happened?” If the Palestinians were neocons, they would support invading Iraq. That’s what would have made them neocons.
    A better question could be “if half the neocons were South Korean, would we invade North Korea instead?” Maybe. But would that be any better? Isn’t adbuster’s point that we shouldn’t be rushing into preemptive wars any ways? This is something I would agree with, which is why all neocons, are wrong, whatever their particular religion/race/ethnicity or other bias.

  3. I don’t think it’s such a retarded queston. It is retarded to project neoconservatism on all Jews, but you can’t deny the connections that exist between the neocons and their sympathy for Israel. See Zelikow’s speech. See Paul Wolfowitz.

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