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A Modern Day Chanukah Miracle

The War on Chanukah continues, Long Island now the latest front in the assault on minority religions in America.
The AP reports,

A menorah was badly damaged when a man ran up to it and knocked it to the ground with a flying kick, police said.
The 8-foot high Jewish holiday candelabra, made of plastic piping, was “shattered and was totally destroyed” early Sunday, the second day of Hanukkah, Suffolk County police said in a news release, citing a surveillance video that captured the vandalism.
The surveillance camera had been set up on a nearby building because of earlier incidents, police said. It showed a man getting out of a car that had other people in it, running to the menorah and kicking it to the ground.
The pieces of the menorah, which was outside the local Chamber of Commerce building, were found lying on the grass. A nearby nutcracker and Nativity scene were untouched.
The bulbs on the menorah, which the St. James Chamber of Commerce and residents light each night during Hanukkah, an eight-day festival of lights, had fallen off but were not broken.

I initially thought that last bit was an irrelevant detail until Michael pointed out the great significance of this little miracle.
“The bulbs on the menorah […] had fallen off but were not broken.”
Once again, though we, the Jewish people — represented by the menorah, our historic symbol of perseverance — were attacked, our light continues to survive and shine forth, as exemplified by the sparing of these small glass lightbulbs, a modern analogue to the oil of the Chanukah story.
Amen, selah! Am yisroel chai!
Unt oy, gag me.

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