Start your own damn Jewish tee shirt company

In the course of running I run into lots of schmatte schleppers, and have lately come to know the folks at, which is a company doing “progressive eCommerce.” Think CafePress, only you can actually make some money ($6 or more per shirt). Plus they have music downloads and books you can sell.
I would encourage ya’ll who blog or run a non-profit/arts org that needs to raise cash to check out – the embedabble store widget is dope and it’s a painless way to open a storefront.
Everyone else, I want to call your attention to their last-minute Chanukah gift thingamahoo, the T-shirt Wizard. $25 gets you an eCard to send to a friend that lets your friend design a shirt herself and get it custom printed and shipped to her. I’m sold, I got two of them.
Hell, now you can all start your own Jewish tee shirt company and spell Nes Gadol Haya Sham however you want.

13 thoughts on “Start your own damn Jewish tee shirt company

  1. Ummm……Yankee?
    Mississippi’s come a long way in the world, then.
    Just sayin’ is all.
    Even (wretched) “magazine of the South” is named “Y’all.”

  2. But, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I totally dig y’all’s (!) shirts. Particularly the Pyramid Construction Co. tee.
    In fact, whoever’s modeling that one looks a lot like a long lost brother of mine. S’a tribal thing, I suppose.

  3. See, just reaffirming the constant truth that South Carolina is the 50th in the nation for education. Stand proud, Sandlappers!
    My model is Ben Sawicki and – get this – he’s not Jewish! 🙂

  4. Doh!
    Hmm. Maybe that means I’m not either. My whole life, a farce. A charade.
    On an unrelated (well, not wholly) note, have you ever gotten any grief from the Coens over the Shomer Fucking Shabbos tee? (which is my second favorite…well, third, after the Yo Semite)

  5. not yet. are you a backstabbing hollywood jew? 🙂
    i think they have a liberated view of copyright. lebowski fest has been ripping off this stuff for years in a VERY high profile way and as yet i’ve heard about no cease and desist order to them.
    glad you like the stuff! get it while it’s hot, or rather, before it’s all gone. stock is loooooooow.

  6. Seems to me it’s a perfectly legitimate part of this forum to promote the interests and activities – even commercial ones – of those who share a concern with Jewish culture and practice. It’s not as though Sarah is coming on here as part of some product promotion scheme, without some meaningful observations on the issues at hand. Of course, she could instead limit her comments to the Cult Jews’ relentless campaign of bigotry against the legitimacy of mainstream Judaism, with comments such as “Since when do Conservative Jews observe rules of Kosher eating anyway?”

  7. Simon,
    I should also note that my hostility – which was both real and substantial – wasn’t directed at you personally. Your objection was perfectly legitimate; it’s just that it seems evident to me that Sarah’s participation in Jewschool discussions is quite genuine, and that there’s nothing wrong with supporting the personal projects of such participants – even commercial ones. On the other hand, there are a number of people commenting here whose sole purpose appears to be exploiting a convenient outlet for expressing their bigotry. I didn’t mean to suggest you were one of them.

  8. hey i’m touched.
    i do try to keep my self-promotion to about a two week period in december, in general. i spend thousands of hours a year volunteering for the jewish community, but that would quickly go down to zero if i couldn’t pay the rent.

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