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A new game for Chanukah.. sort of

I have to admit, I think driedel is… boring. I’ve been thinking of what kind of a game we could have for Chanukah that could be iconic in the same way, yet still entertaining.
I don’t know if this is it. The No Limit Texas Dreidel Game
no limit texas dreidel

Take Dreidel, combine it with poker, and you’ve got a new dreidel experience that is truly fun. You’ll check, bet, raise, or fold depending on the strength of your dreidel hand (or how much you like to bluff)….Q: What is No Limit Texas Dreidel?
A: No Limit Texas Dreidel combines the traditional dreidel game with Texas Hold’em poker. The objective is for each player to create the best dreidel “hand” by combining dreidel spins. You will combine dreidel “spins” in your shaker, which only you will see, with other Community Spins, which will be seen by all players. Players bet in rounds using poker betting rules. The game is best played with chocolate gelt (coins), as is the traditional wager for the Dreidel Game. No Limit Texas Dreidel is an entertaining adult party game and is family fun for everyone ages 9 to 99.

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