A Sad Tune

This is an ugly reality:

Horit Herman-Peled, a volunteer for Machsom Watch, (an organization known in English as Women for Human Rights) will not forget the afternoon of Tuesday, November 9. While she was standing her watch at the Beit Iba checkpoint on the outskirts of Nablus, a Palestinian reached the front of the line, with a violin case in his hand. Apparently in an effort to ascertain that it was indeed a violin, and not explosives, the soldier at the roadblock demanded that the young man open the case and remove the violin. The soldier then asked the young man with the violin to play for him.

[…] Herman-Peled recalls being utterly shocked, and not even having the strength to speak with the soldiers, or the violinist. As the child of Holocaust survivors, she was bothered more than anything else by the demand that a Palestinian play music for a Jewish soldier.

Video footage of the incident can be found here.

[update] Guardian has a good article about the incident. A quick glance at the video will show that the soldiers around the violinist were’nt really worried of a bomb going off. The ‘security’ excuse has no basis, as usual.

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