Sex in the ‘Ir HaKodesh

Tzniut: 1 / Picture of Clean Skin: 0

A poster and billboard campaign showing the “Sex and the City” actress in a skimpy, sequined dress was quickly replaced with new ads of her in a dress that covered her arms, back and thigh, reportedly after ultra-Orthodox consumers objected to her outfit.

The sexy ads promoting Lux soaps had begun appearing on billboards across the country in recent days. But after an angry phone call from a prominent rabbi, the consumer goods giant Unilever quickly gave Parker a more modest wardrobe, the Haaretz daily reported.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews, who require women to dress modestly, account for roughly 10 percent of the Israeli population, making them a sizable market for local Unilever products.

Nothing makes me want to shower like a picture of a sequined SJP. Except maybe the vomitous (yes, “vomitous“) promotion on Jewschool of T-Shirt Hell’s dreidel disaster. ::shiver::

Full story.

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