Famed blogger and university prof Juan Cole has been threatened with a lawsuit by MEMRI, The Middle East Media Research Institute, for comments made in a recent blog post accusing the organization of being a propaganda mill for Likud and the neoconservative agenda. While MEMRI may be somewhat overreacting to the acerbic post and drawing themselves more negative attention than they bargained for, and while Cole may even have waged some valid criticisms, it sure is fun watching him avail himself of what an anti-Zionist stooge he is as he attempts to paint the organization as part of a vast Israeli “information control” conspiracy in every other post on his blog.

Yes, frankly, I can see precisely why you’d be turned off by the Left. But I don’t cast my lot with this jackass.

[Update] Martin Kramer recalls Cole’s threat to sue him and Daniel Pipes over their Campus Watch site two years ago. (c/o Jewlicious)

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