When Jews Attack

Tonight, on the Fox Network:

Four American yeshiva students suspected of hurling a firebomb at a group of Arabs in the Old City of Jerusalem were released on bail Wednesday by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court.

The four suspects, Shalom Brender, Aharon Dim, Daniel Starngvest, and Nachman Kropper, who were arrested Tuesday night, were ordered to post bail of NIS 1,500 each and to provide a guarantor who would post the same sum and ensure that they would reappear when summoned by police.

The four, who are in Israel on tourist visas, deny the allegations.

Just kidding about the Fox thing. Full story here.

3 thoughts on “When Jews Attack

  1. Compare this situation where violent foreign trouble-making kids are released on their own recognizance with these:
    “Jerusalem — A Jewish activist from San Francisco who was barred from entering Israel said Tuesday that her arrest has strengthened her resolve to fight for Palestinian rights, and Bay Area colleagues said her detention is part of a campaign to crack down on a group undertaking a summerlong protest of Israeli policies.”
    S.F. Jewish activist held as security threat in Israel
    “Knoxville lawyer Carol Nickle and 16 other members of an interfaith peace group were deported Tuesday by Israeli police at Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport.

    The interfaith group was part of a “peace builders” delegation organized by the Fellowship of Reconciliation and Muslim Public Affairs Council, made up of American Jews, Muslims and Christians.”
    Israel deports U.S. peace group, including Knoxville woman
    “AMMAN, Jordan (August 10, 2002 9:13 p.m. EDT) – Israel blocked American peace activists traveling with U.S. congressional staff members from entering the West Bank on Saturday, according to the activists, the State Department and an Israeli official.
    The activists were three representatives of the American Muslims for Jerusalem organization and Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel organization, said Josh Ruebner, head of the latter group.”
    U.S. peace activists barred from entering West Bank

  2. Oh, for crying out loud, those poor peace activist nazis… Israel does not let them spy on itself anymore… I think the World Court should get involved and prove once again just how progressively anti-semitic they can be.

  3. I know those guys! we used to be in the tripped out morrocan breslov yeshiva together! to be fair, only one, maybe two of them are crazy and hostile enough to do something like that. the others were probably just in the house at the wrong time.

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