A Veritable "Jews Who" @ The Jewish Life Festival

Matisyahu tears it up in Washington Sq. Park. Photo by Shaya Rubinstein.

Left: Lilit, Me, Jake & Isaac Galena. Right: Esther K., Lilit, Jake & Me.

Left: The Chosen Couture Crew. Right: Shabot6000 creator Ben Baruch.
I had the pleasure of joining the orange braceleted throngs at the Jewish Life Festival @ Washington Square Park last week and saw Matisyahu perform (fresh off a plane from Indiana). Hung with Sara Schwimmer of Chosen Couture for a bit; Jake Marmer of Mimaamakim and Jewschool; Esther Kustanzowitz of Jewlicious; Lilit Marcus of Heeb and Jewschool; Isaac Galena of BangItOut; singer-songwriter Yerachmiel; and the troubled young Randy Agadi of The Punks of Zion aka “Chief Executive Pimp Officer” of “The Tnzius Stable, NYC’s Premier Kosher Cat House,” which Agadi describes as “a shomer negiah brothel” offering the wildest time you can imagine without actually being touched.
Getting to spend time with so many Jewschool friends and family members was pretty fun, so I’m putting together a Jewschool NYC crew meetup after Yom Kippur, which I’m very much looking forward to. But because we’re not the elitist bastards some of you think we are, I’m also putting together a Jewschool party as a benefit fundraiser for a charity yet to be declared in Manhattan on Thursday, November 10. Save the date! Artists confirmed thus far are DJ Anan (aka Aaron Bisman of JDub Records), Toby Goodshank (of the Moldy Peaches), and Cris Nyne The Rhymeslayer (an old roommate of mine who has a shaygetzdika name but is actually an MOT and the sickest poet alive). Still waiting to confirm two more. Free copies of the latest Heeb await all attendees, as do various members of the NYC Jewschool crew whom you can finally meet face-to-face and interact with on a human level.
But here’s the kicker: For all you folks who love to hate us (by the way, thanks for your committed readership over these years; you’ve done wonders for our ad sales), I’m going to try to get a dunking booth. That’s right… Me, Asaf & John Brown in a dunking booth. $3 per throw, to go straight to a Jewish charity.
Once again, save the date! Thursday, November 10!

10 thoughts on “A Veritable "Jews Who" @ The Jewish Life Festival

  1. Shabot’s dad was there? Bummer that I missed him! And I should have met the Chosen Couture people too. Next year there should totally be an “online folks…offline” booth, where bloggers could check in, for a media packet, to network, etc…

  2. “But because we’re not the elitist bastards some of you think we are…”
    You’re not? Then what was that inner sanctum self lovefest, that “who’s who” bit of shameless brass burnishing?

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