There's No Justice Like Mob Justice

The Voice of Judea reports,

Israeli Arab Knessst MK Muhammed Baraka has been accused of participating and leading the mob in the lynching and murdering of Eden Natan Zada in Shefaram, according to rotter.net and debka files. The sites show Baraka in clear view aside the bus as the barbaric mob is crawling through windows to get at Zada after he was already in cuffs and in police custody. The picture shows Baraka within the circle.
Baraka succeeded in preventing the police from arresting the suspects connected to Zada’s murder, after he threatened that the Arabs would riot throughout Israel if the police dared to arrest the murderers.

No word from Voice of Judea condemning the actions of Zada or Asher Weisgan, but hey, worse an Arab should kill a Jew who went on a murderous rampage, than a Jew should go on a murderous rampage, right guys?
I’m sure the VOJ will do all they can to provide a sympathetic context to the deplorable actions of these ‘misguided’ men who were forced to such things by the intensely frustrating conditions of their environment. That such courtesy could be extended to an Arab community on the other hand… That’d be unthinkable.
Which is not to say that vigilante justice is okay in any way, be it enacted by Jews or Arabs. Rather it’s just to say, VOJ is full of sh*t.

5 thoughts on “There's No Justice Like Mob Justice

  1. well mate of course your going to find shit like that on that site.
    we know people like that exist but what good are you trying to get out of posting that shit. if i wanted to read that id go on voice of judaica. you should concentrate more on trying to find ways kids that come on this site can relate to judaism and zionism, not by alienating them by exposing them to this bullshit.im not saying you dont have a point., you do, but it dont seem like a very constructive point to make.
    take it easy

  2. Unfortunately,
    we have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what really happened on that bus until we get some of the original passengers under hypnosis to reveal the truth.
    What caused Zada to open fire?
    Was it blind hate?
    Or did he feel threatened to warrant using his gun and what was that threat?
    We know he associated himself with Kahane followers, perhaps that influenced his apprehension if he came under some verbal or physical attack?
    The only thing we know for sure (besides that he was lynched while handcuffed and in police custody is that everyone quickly condemned Zada as the ‘jewish terrorist’, before his blood was even dry.

  3. Um, hypnosis is no longer considered a reliable method of obtaining evidence in court. People under hypnosis can err in their recall, omit information, and yes even lie.

  4. Josh has a point. Zada put on his uniform even though he was AWOL, took his gun, and took a bus to an Arab town. He then had to shoot young unarmed Christian women so that he wouldnt feel apprehensive.

  5. Anybody who’s willing to go off and shoot or mame innocent people is just screwed up, and that includes Arabs and Jews. That would be why I can’t support the “Palestinian”cause. Even if they had a right to the land, they lost it the first time they started employing homicide bombers and supporting them.

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