6 thoughts on “àÆäÀéÆä àÂùÑÆø àÆäÀéÆä: Hashem or Reebok?

  1. I think this is more a reference to Popeye than Exodus. Exodus 3:14 uses a much more transcendent verbal tense, which has been more accurately translated as “I will be what I will be,” which could have been an even more interesting quote for the Reebok campaign anyway.

  2. the irnoy of the situation shamir is that Reebok actually gets what god meant and you obviously didn’t.
    God is saying that he/she/it doesnt have a name he/she/it is not “Hashem” – the name – god doesn’t have a name!
    a name is a lable – it is a limitation on who you can be
    but to be yourself completely – to be that which you are – to accept yourself as perfect even in a state of imperfection
    to strive to become who you can become – to fulfill your true potential
    That is Godly – that is Reebok!

  3. Can you post a link to some of the ad lit for those of us without televisions/any connection to pop culture at the moment?

  4. They’re all over the NYC subways — which I’ve found amusing too. “I am that I am” is just funny about shoes.
    Kind of like the Hebrew National hot dogs — “We answer to a higher authority.”

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