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Lishma learning program extends deadline

I began to do serious Jewish learning six years ago. I grew up Reform and failed by the Hebrew School system, and discovered Jewish learning through a fellowship at my college Hillel. When that fellowship ended, I was looking for somewhere else I could continue to learn and ask questions. I wanted to immerse myself in Jewish learning and to understand the laws of Shabbat, to learn Jewish texts, to learn how to daven.
That’s when I found Lishma.
It’s sort of the secret missing link in the collection of programs that many of the young progressive Jewish professional types go through along the way. No Bronfman program or Jews in the Woods, Lishma nonetheless has had a profound impact on many up and coming Jewish leaders. Learning all day long in the Beit Midrash at Camp Ramah Ojai (CA), davenning 3x a day, guest speakers, chevruta discussion, excellent teachers, and nice group housing by an orange grove separate from camp cabins. Lishma is a joint program of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Conservative) and Camp Ramah.
Here’s the blurb:

LISHMA is an extraordinary Jewish learning experience– a 4-week,intensive summer yeshiva for young adult Jews (18-26) located at Camp Ramah in California. Lishmaniks live among the orange groves in the beautiful LISHMA house, learn traditional Jewish prayer, study daily with renowned Talmud scholar from Bar Ilan University, Aaron Amit, engage in weekly social action projects , and hear lectures from prominent rabbis and scholars throughout the summer. Lishmaniks also enjoy the recreation facilities of Camp Ramah, including an Olympic sized pool, tennis and basketball courts, art, ceramics, hiking and more. Other highlights include a weekend camping trip to the Channel Islands, as well as ongoing spiritual mentoring with LISHMA Directors Lizzi Heydemann and Jordan Gerson, both students at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies. This summer’s dates are June 17-July 16, 2007.
Check out our website at http://www.ramah.org/lishma and download the application. The application deadline is May 31st.
LISHMA is the perfect experience for the interested beginner, for someone with text study background, or for someone considering rabbinical school or a career in Jewish education. For more information write to [email protected], or call 314-324-8124

If you want to take some time to do some good learning and you’re maybe at the beginning side of this stage of your Jewish journey, check it out. Deadline for applications has been extended until May 31.

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