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äãîîä: A moment of silence

To mark the one year anniversary of the abduction of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, the two Israeli soldiers whose capture by Hezbollah sparked last year’s war between Israel and Lebanon, at 9:05 this morning Israel’s leading websites took themselves offline for five minutes in an act of silent protest calling for the soldiers’ release. The sites each linked to, a website established by the Keren Maor Foundation, which provides assistance to the families of Goldwasser, Regev, and Gilad Shalit, who was likewise abducted by Hamas militants outside of Gaza last summer.


The Jerusalem Post

Yediot Ahranot

NRG (Maariv)


Google did not go offline, but did add a blue and white ribbon to their site, linking to a search on Jeremiah 31:17, the “slogan” of the Maor Foundation


Hyde Park


Zeek also took itself offline in solidarity

3 thoughts on “äãîîä: A moment of silence

  1. A surprising and welcome show of unity. I only wish it was perpetual. Tomorrow, I hope they won’t forget about them again.

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