Ah, The Poetry of Docta Rummy

Responding to a question Saturday about Israel and nuclear weapons, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said, “Israel is a small state with a small population. It’s a democracy and it exists in a neighborhood where many–over a period of time–have opined from time to time that they’d prefer it not be there and they’d like it to be put in the sea. And Israel has opined that it would prefer not to get put in the sea, and as a result, over a period of decades, it has arranged itself so it hasn’t been put in the sea.”

3 thoughts on “Ah, The Poetry of Docta Rummy

  1. Good for Don. What a genteel way of explaining it. Very, “Elementary, my dear Watson.” You know, a Rumsfeld bio is on the JPost well-reviewed literature list for 2004 or somesuch…I was a bit surprised, actually.

  2. Franky: To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes, The individual may be a genius, but people are stupid. Don (yeah, we’re tight, Don and I) is explaining to the World that although Israel has WMD, they have a legit reason. But if you’d prefer to see Israel disarm and be “put into the sea”, I think you kill puppies for fun.

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