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  1. Danke Mobius. So, tonight at our campus’ ubiquitous peace group, aptly called the Peace Coalition, we had a discussion lead by a new member who is also an Israeli Refusnik. He doesn’t, by the way, support the divestment campaign but he does support the one state solution. He thinks that it is high time that Israel stop f**king around and give all of the people, including Palestinians, full democratic rights. He talked about the ways that Israeli history glosses over the facts to fit an image of the past that is not true and how he learns more and more everday about what really happened in the formation of Israel. But I’m going to stop speaking for him. I’ll give him this link and see if perhaps he wants to engage in this debate.

  2. ever seen mel brooks’ history of the world part i? in the beginning of the rome scene, a legionairre shouts “seize them!” and gregory heinz replies, “seize this, honkus!” mel brooks puts his hand over heinz’s mouth and goes, “d’oh! don’t ever say that to the cops!”

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