Al-Jazeera Hearts Duke

Al-Jazeera excerpts from a fawning interview with David Duke (that’s DR. Duke to you) on Syrian television, in which the former Grand Supreme Wizard Master (or whatever) of the KKK gives props to the Syrian autocracy, parses the difference between Judaism and Zionism, and shares his deep and profound knowledge of halachah.

The New York Times is all against… It’s all for intermarriage in the United States of America. But the New York Times supports Israel, where a marriage of Jewish person and a non-Jew is illegal, where a Jew who is a member of the Cohanim, which is the elite element of the Jewish tradition – they cannot even marry a Jewish person, a person who is a full-fledged Jew, of the Jewish faith, who has one drop of (non) Jewish blood. I mean, these people… Israel makes the Nazi state look very moderate in terms of its views.”

Full story.
(c/o Proud Self-Loather)
[UPDATE] As noted in the comments, aljazeera.com is not affiliated with the TV network. The website states: “Aljazeera Publishing and Aljazeera.com are not associated with the controversial Arabic Satellite Channel known as Jazeera Space Channel TV station whose website is Aljazeera.net.” Sorry for the confusion; the interview with Duke is worth reading in its own right though. Thanks to xisnotx for the correction.

15 thoughts on “Al-Jazeera Hearts Duke

  1. Of course it’s true that the Orthodox (but not the Conservative or Reform) forbid marriages of Cohanim to converts (along with divorcees and so on), but my understanding is that the descendents of converts, or even a someone whose mother converted before she (the daughter) reaches maturity, can marry a Cohen. So if the father of the daughter is a convert or non-Jew with no Jewish ancestry, and the mother who converts had no Jewish ancestors, their child could marry a Cohen without a single drop of Jewish blood.

  2. EV, I think you’re misidentifying the source — al-Jazeera.com has nothing to do with the al-Jazeera TV channel,AFAIK. The website associated with the TV station is http://english.aljazeera.net/H
    AlJazeera.com is a conspiracy-minded site, and running a story on Duke, or 4000 Israelis stayed home, etc, is typical for it.

  3. Isn’t Judaism about Neshama, not blood? And when one converts, one’s Neshama is saying “I am Jewish”? And the blood follows? Look in Israel: there is every physical type represented- Where’s Jewish ‘blood’, save in the heart?

  4. Well given the fact that Mr. Duke would love to do this in the states, he has no right to criticize Israel for these things. The KKK was all wound up about imposing an AngloSaxon/Protestant empire with England at one point.

  5. i don’t get it. usually when someone quotes david duke or something like that they whitewash him – but here, no pun intended, they actually credit him as “U.S. white supremacist David Duke” and caption his photo as being a former KKK leader?

  6. This is partially my fault because I pointed it out to EV thinking it was the “real” Al Jazeera, but it brings up a whole other issue: the way I found the interview is — no, not because I frequent hate sites, but — because Google News Alerts sent me the link due to some key words in the article.
    Now, Google News Alerts is an automated system, but it indexes hate sites along with “regular” news sites and blogs. I find that extremely frustrating. I once emailed them about another anti-Semitic website they linked to when you click on the “News” link from the Google homepage, but that was about as effective as pissing into the wind (though not as warm or colorful). Someone is going to have to organize a campaign to get Google to monitor their news sources, despite the obvious expense to them and first-amendment implications. But hey, Google is not a governmental organization, they can link to whatever they want, so the first amendment isn’t at issue here. EV, I nominate YOU to start this campaign. You’ve got some free time, right?

  7. Absolutely, PSL. And based on your reaction to the hate sites, it looks like you’re not as “Self-Loathing” as you let on. Maybe, in fact, you’re just “Proud Self.” It’s a new you.

  8. Sam — if aljazeera.com was capable of grasping the irony, they would never have interviewed Duke in the first place.
    it’s particularly perverse that Duke has dedicated his book to Shahak, a Holocaust survivor. Check out the sign Duke is carrying in the picture at this link: http://www.adl.org/learn/ext_u

  9. that’s interesting. so it was okay to actually go so far as to wear a nazi armband and carry a sign calling for gassing people back in the late 60’s, but now somehow the forces of PC have overcome him and he won’t explicitly be a nazi anymore. damn you PC, for not letting the racists just say that they’re racists.

  10. Nice find, Silver Surfer! (I used to read your comic book, by the way. How’s Howard the Duck?)
    So in other words, the content on mainstream Arab television is indistinguishable from Internet hate sites. No surprise there.
    I feel closure.

  11. Nice find, Silver Surfer! (I used to read your comic book, by the way. How’s Howard the Duck?) Um, that’s another Silver Surfer. I know, I know. It can be confusing out there.
    So in other words, the content on mainstream Arab television is indistinguishable from Internet hate sites. No surprise there.
    First, Aljazeera.com is not an Internet hate site.
    Second, Syrian TV is not identical to “mainstream Arab television” — there are many stations, not all the same. (Many of them have nasty things to say about the alleged Jewish “people” and the Zionist Likudnik neocon conspiracy but, let’s be clear, that doesn’t make them all identical.)
    Third, the Aljazeera.com report was about the Syrian TV interview. One cannot be said to confirm the other, because they are not independent events.

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