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  1. Hello,
    Why is ‘blaspheming’ or as I call it ‘shit-talking’ Hashem so funny these days? It is not funny to me, and I am personally getting sick of it. I cannot watch The Daily Show anymore. It used to be one of my favorite shows, worth staying up late to watch. But for the last few weeks, all I see is John Stewart shit-talking Hashem. Their “This Week In G-d” segments aim to destroy every beliefs Creator. This is ‘funny’? G-d save us! Howard Stern is another on my Shit-list. This guy occasionally identifies himself as a jew, yet he engages in every sinful behavior {arrogance, demeaning talk about his friends and emenies, extramarital sex, homosexual and lesbian sex, pornography, etc.}. Is Howard Stern ‘really’ jewish? I wish not…
    These media ‘giants’ are doing great harm to the ideal of Judaism, and they couldn’t give a shit…

  2. Michael,
    If Judaism isn’t strong enough to withstand the ribbing of “This Week in God,” then it’s not strong, period.

  3. “If Judaism isn’t strong enough to withstand the ribbing of “This Week in God,” then it’s not strong, period.”
    Yet oddly, when anyone attacks Leftist and liberal positions much more mildly, this argument doesn’t seem to appease the attackees. And if I “ribbed” Islam, Arabs or Palestinians in this way, some people here would have a heart attack.

  4. J,
    Truth be told, the “ribbing” that is usually done to the Left is done so with anger and not very funny.
    And while I’m not sure about heart attacks, I wonder how many Jewschool’ers keyboards have been destroyed by rage induced coffee spills?
    I once killed an apple keyboard with a blueberry shake. Not fun.

  5. Michael, two things.
    1) Lighthearted comedy about divine matters is part of the Jewish tradition. Look at George Burns, Bob Dylan (“God said to Abraham, kill me a son. / Abe said man, you must be putting me on.), Leonard Cohen (his stuff is less comic, but still sort of irreverant), etc. “The Week in God” is part of that tradition. In any event, I personally don’t think that this particular cartoon’s very funny. I’m not sure of it myself, but aren’t jokey dialogues with God part of Hasidic tradition?
    2) Did you just find out that Howard Stern talked dirty? Strange points you make about him…

  6. So sad. It’s secular TV, I don’t watch much TV anymore, I may watch soccer from time to time but the “entertainment” shows are all porn and cr*p.
    Sure, it’s OK to insult Hashem but if you said Allah, not that they are the same, then you’d be in trouble. Honestly if you went out in the street and asked people which Jews to do you know from TV they’d mostly all be scumbags, it’s a shame. This image of Jews as scumbags and lowlifes is just the kind of propaganda fuel Hitler used. It’s easy to turn people on “pimps” then decent G-d fearing people who just want to get on with their lives. The Muslims use this kind of propaganda, I recently listened to some shows with Walid Shoebet (ex-Palestinian terrorist who is now a Christian who loves Jews and speaks out on the brainwashing he got as a young man). I think every Jew really needs to hear what he says, he dispells a lot of the myths of the intentions and goals of the Palestinians.


  7. listen to you peoples! hashem hashem… its not even ha-shem much any more, its ha-image, if you havent noticed. even those sometimes clever comics were images. images are great. so are some words. but not, as the comics pointed out, words which say its sinful to be naked, to have “extramarital sex” (ooh how horrible! immoral! give me a break. i love men who are so invested in sexual order. is homosexuality immoral too? you cretin. what do you care who’s shtupping who? oh no, porn! oh noooooo! people having sex! its horrible!!) – or words which say kill these people, take their land, its ok, you’re special. or how about words which say “his only son died for your sins”…. they are all words. just words. some more fanciful and useless than others.
    we are all monkeys, fighting for scarce resources, and that’s ok. i think your books, your collections of shemot, are doing more harm than good nowadays. life is beautiful and horrible, and that’s ok.
    about “stern’s mother isnt jewish, nyah nyah nyah”. who cares? great, you are an ethnic chauvinist. real high on the evolution ladder there pal.
    from the babbling of a lot of geniuses on this site, i am starting to wonder if the slight “intelligence” advantage jews love to say they have is really all that.

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