Almost there…

This computer programming thing is a pain. Hopefully before Shabbos.
It’s 4:15pm and ShulShopper is about to go live! The developers are pushing it out the live site right now…
ShulShopper is live!
Thanks to Dorot and all our donors, the Jewschool & Matzat crews, New Bamboo, and our early beta testers, as well as Leach Hochbaum and Sue Fishkoff for the great press coverage.
Next week we’ll be importing the databases of all the major denominations in the US and fixing various issues. But in the meantime, get in their and let us know what you think!

13 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. looks great! congratulations.
    who writes the descriptions of the congregations? maybe they could sign their names?

  2. Excellent!!!! Yasher koach!
    I’m trying to edit Kol Zimrah’s profile, and some of the changes won’t stick. What’s up with that?
    Also, can we have the movements and flavors in alphabetical order, please?

  3. yo go boy. proud mamma here. got a call raving about your work for Beit Hatefusot. Looks like they love you, too.
    Keep on truckin’.

  4. Great to see a “liberal Orthodox” section, though I would have preferred to call it Left-wing Modern Orthodox, but in truth, I haven’t found the perfect name yet myself, so I’ll take that for now. But it’s great to see this important category noted here.

  5. DK,
    It’s called Conservadox.
    I’m still looking for an Antinomian section. Then again, most of my antinomian minyans occur in my living room … by myself.
    Hey look, it’s time for another “minyan”!

  6. great!!! Though I did notice one of the possible activities is “israel advocacy” I think it would be awesome and subtle if you added another checkbox for “anti-occupation advocacy”/ Some would click one, and some would click both, but it would help spread the idea that involvement with Israel is not all flag waiving and aipac.
    again, kol hakavod dude!

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